[News] US Prog Rock sextet Crack The Sky to release their 20th album “From The Wood” on June 2023

The 20th studio album from Crack The Sky takes a turn with an almost all acoustic album. Acoustic guitars, piano, dobro, ukulele, banjo, accordion, mandolin, bass, toy piano, djembe, and drums. Introspective but still unique and Progressive.

Much of the inspiration coming from one of the strangest of all times in our lives with isolation, separation, anxiety, all thrust upon us by the global condition. Music that inspires, enflames, and reassures with twists and turns.

John Palumbo continues to shape his vision of a world with his unique writing style. The guitar interplay from Rick Witkowski and Bobby Hird continues to propel the band in both new and familiar directions.

Writing From The Wood was a new, albeit old experience,” says singer John Palumbo. “The last few Crack The Sky albums were written on electric guitar, piano, and drum loops. This one was done strictly on acoustic guitar like back in the day. We initially felt that using all string instruments – guitars, mandolin, dobro, etc., would be both a challenge and change; but ultimately made it an exciting and new process. There was nothing to lean on with doing so and therefore the songs had to hold up on their own – naked of any synthetic or electric painting.

Once the guys got into the studio however, it was clear that no one felt handcuffed by an acoustic project, as parts and performances shined, no one was restricted creatively. The songs are displayed in wonderful landscapes and the freedom of organic expression worked far better than we had hoped for.

Pre-Order the album here: https://freqsound-crackthesky.square.site/product/From-The-Wood-Crack-The-Sky/65


01. I Get High
02. Lady In The Lake
03. My New World
04. Fun In Isolation
05. Don’t Close Your Eyes
06. Outside Of Me
07. Heart Of The Lion
08. Going Downtown
09. Don’t Feed The Tigers
10. The Circle Of Life
11. Don’t Close Your Eyes (Bonus track)
12. Fun In Isolation (Bonus track)

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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