[News] Valcata unveil the full band playthrough video for the track “Paralyzed”

The ethereal Symphonic Progressive Metal project Valcata return with their powerful new single “Paralyzed.” Bringing together an array of talented musicians from across the globe, Valcata manifest an immense and enthralling sound.

Watch the full band playthrough video through the youTube player below:

Initially beginning as a Symphonic/Power Metal band based in Dublin, Ireland, Valcata now operates as a symphonic project led by Cade, who is now based in New York. The name Valcata is a combination of ‘falcata‘ (a type of ancient weapon) and Valhalla. 2019 saw the project’s self-titled debut full-length unleashed, followed by the single “Tower” in early 2021. Now in 2022, “Paralyzed” showcases Valcata‘s thriving collaborations and evolving compositions. Dark thundering rhythms burst into life accompanied by a delicate piano and eerie orchestration. Stefani Keogh‘s cleans soar above the metal instrumentation while Marcos L. Peñate‘s demonic harsh vocals bring a menacing impact.  

From entwining melodies and soaring leads to dynamic percussion and technical elements, Valcata offer a thrilling experience of Symphonic Progressive Metal. “Paralyzed” is an enchanting addition to their spellbinding discography. 

The band states: “As new music draws near, please enjoy this treat that we released just today — a full band playthrough of our latest single ‘Paralyzed’. This is the first time we’ve given some proper performance visuals to our music and I’m very proud of how this turned out. I’d especially like to thank the talented Panos Geo who did an amazing job with the editing.

Purchase the track on Bandcamp: https://valcata.bandcamp.com/track/paralyzed


Stefani Keogh / Lead Clean, Backing Clean and Harsh
Marcos L. Peñate / Lead Harsh, Backing Clean
João Miguel / Guitars
Chris Kollias / Bass
Jonas Schütz / Drums
Nathaniel Wolkstein / Strings
Oha Cade / Synths

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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