[News] WDR Rockpalast published Earthless’ whole performance live at Freak Valley Festival 2023

WDR Rockpalast published Earthless whole performance live at Freak Valley Festival 2023. Watch the video through the YouTube player below:

San Diego, California trio Earthless, draws its musical inspiration primarily from Krautrock and Japanese Psychedelic Rock. Live, the three improvise with enthusiasm and always sound extremely tight.
In 2001, drummer Mario Rubalcaba and bassist Mike Eginton met by chance in San Diego. Eginton brought guitarist Isaiah Mitchell into the mix and all three realized that they were into Japanese Psychedelic and German Krautrock. Earthless was born.

In 2005, the band released their first album, “Sonic Prayer,” and went straight on to win the award for “Best Hard Rock Artist” at the San Diego Music Awards. They are often referred to as a stoner band, but reject the term – especially because, by their own admission, they much prefer coffee or iced tea to marijuana. They count Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath and Miles Davis among their main influences, along with Japanese acts like Blues Creation and Flower Travellin’ Band and German acts like Guru Guru and Amon Düül II.

Live the trio likes to improvise, but the improvisations always become part of the songs. Jamming aimlessly is not their thing. From time to time guitarist Isaiah Mitchell sings, but most of the songs are instrumentals.

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