[News] WDR Rockpalast published the completeperformance by Plainride live at Köln 2023

The Cologne trio around singer and guitarist Max Rebel serves up catchy and Groovy Heavy Rock, drawing fearlessly from a wide variety of genres. The band surprises again and again – both with their inventive arrangements and with unusual instrumentation.

With Plainride, everything sounds like a unified whole and the band has a high recognition value, especially thanks to singer Max‘s Rock pipe. At the same time, the band also has a high bandwidth within their interpretation of Rock: Sometimes the band sounds like Alice In Chains, then like a metal combo, other songs are Funky or have pop appeal. And the band can also be completely acoustic, like on the track “Siebengebirge.”

No fear of contact” seems to be the motto when composing. It’s all about the songs. You can clearly hear the passion and the joy of playing in this band. You will certainly hear more from Plainride, who have been around since 2013.

Watch the whole performance through the YouTube player below:


  1. El Coyote
  2. Fire In The Sky
  3. Hour Of The Mûmakil
  4. Wanderer
  5. Ritual
  6. Shepard
  7. Anaximander (And The Riddle Of Origin)


Max Rebel / Vocals, Guitar
Bob Vogston / Guitar
Florian Schlenker / Drums

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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