[News] Weedian released the new compilation “Trip to Montana”

A Trip to Montana” consists of many majestic landscapes and terrain, spanning from the Rocky Mountains to the Great Plains. Many on a heuristic path tread here, from the Gold Rush in 1862 leading to the spawn of vigilante justice that then slowly dwindled into decrepit ghost towns, to Custer’s Last Stand and the many Great Indian tribes that have called this land home for so long. Inspiration seeps through the Big Sky down unto the high summits where Wizzerds dwell creating a Gray Gooish substance for their Swamp Ritual to conjure The Old Ones, drifting down into the expansive rivers and lakes where Scavengers and Piranha Dogs roam for an Uncommon Evolution, diminishes into the badlands where Runecaller resides and some are Stranded By Choice because of their Foilies addiction. Get lost in a Trip to Montana
Words by Trevor Stoltenberg (The Old Ones)

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01. Swamp Ritual – Thruster Trucker 05:19
02. Uncommon Evolution – Handsomely Stoned 06:32
03. Wizzerd – Great Morher Gaia 05:59
04. The Old Ones – Now I’ve Become Death 11:31
05. Spliffripper – Chief Kief 03:14
06. The Gray Goo – Bicycle Day 10:22
07. Scavenger – Complete Reduction 03:46
08. Dank Crypt – Snow Owl Eats At Daytime 08:13
09. Runecaller – Pure Existential Dread 09:00
010. Piranha Dog – Ragnarök 06:48
11. Stone Elk – Genghis Chron 06:55
12. Maravedís – Wielder of Blood 06:39
13. Stranded by Choice – Stone Alone 06:28
14. The Folies – Black River Trim 05:22

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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