[News] Weite announces first shows presenting debut album “Assemblage”

Weite, a new band featuring some familiar and some fresh faces from the Stickman catalog – Nick DiSalvo (Elderdelving), Michael Risberg (Elder) alongside Ingwer Boysen (HighFighterDownfall Of Gaia) and Ben Lubin (Lawns) – have announced their first shows ever.

The quartet wrote and recorded their debut album “Assemblage,” out on July 14 in the darkness of the pandemic winter of 2021, intending to make it a one-off recording project. However, it quickly became apparent that the chemistry was breeding something special warranting further development. Trading places and instruments frequently, the first collection of songs on “Assemblage” is a free experimentation with Psychedelic Rock, Krautrock, and some Progressive elements. Fans of Elder‘s “Gold & Silver Sessions” or DiSalvo‘s solo project delving will feel right at home.

Get tickets now for the band’s rare upcoming gigs via the links below:

13.07. Berlin (DE), Kantine am Berghain – Album release party
14.07. Erfurt (DE), Stoned from the Underground
15.07. Hamburg (DE), Hafenklang (Goldener Salon)
16.07. Pleszew (PL), Red Smoke Festival

Weite was initially conceived as a one-off winter project by Boysen, who contacted DiSalvo and Risberg with the idea to write and record a record within a week. Having played together in DiSalvo‘s live band for his project Delving, a certain musical chemistry was already apparent. The three recruited Berlin-based English guitarist Lubin to round out the quartet and proceeded to bunker in for a week of intense songwriting.

Sharing their diverse musical interests and swapping instruments frequently, a body of songs was quickly created that channeled a collective love for 60’s and 70’s Psychedelic Music, Krautrock, Jazz and listening to one motorik Beat for 20 minutes straight. The troupe set off to record in a short session at Big Snuff Studio with frequent collaborator Richard Behrens and within a few days “Assemblage”  was born. Recording live, Behrens captured the essence of the session, at times mellow and times intense, with the five together then embellishing the raw recordings with a hearty dollop of Experimental overdubs.

After many banal discussions and almost a year after the project was finished, Weite was officially born as the group decided to continue the project as a proper band. “We didn’t intend to start a band, but it kinda happened“, the band recently commented. “It turned out pretty cool, too cool to let it be a one-off, so we decided to keep it going. WEITE was officially born; the word means “expanse” “vastness” or “width”, a few adjectives we’d use to describe our sound.“


1. Neuland
2. Entzündet
3. Rope
4. Murmuration 

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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