[News] Wet Cactus published the second single “Million Tears” taken from their upcoming album

Cantabria, Spain based Psychedelic Stoner Rockers Wet Cactus published the second single “Million Tears” taken from their upcoming studio album, “Magma Tres,” set to release on November 24th, 2023 via Electric Valley Records. Stream the track through the YouTube player below:

Electric Valley Records presents “Magma Tres,” the third LP by the Desert Rockers Wet Cactus, scheduled for 24 November 2023 on three variants of vinyl as well as on digital/streaming media.

Wet Cactus is an Alternative Rock band with Heavy Psychedelic hints, formed in Cantabria (Spain) during the summer of 2013. The band has maintained a constant lineup since their formation, with Daniel Pascual on vocals and bass, Ernesto Díez and Óscar Sánchez on guitars and Jaime Pérez on drums.

Their debut s/t album was released in September 2015 on CD via Producciones Tudancas and Odio Sonoro, followed by a vinyl release through Violence in the Veins in 2023. The album received a great response, laying the foundation for a sound rooted in deep Stoner (Californian desert) but unafraid to explore other styles. From this album, which made quite a splash on the North Spain circuit, it’s impossible not to mention “Damned Rope,” the third track, which has become a true classic in the scene.

Their second full-length, “Dust Hunger And Gloom,” the album was shaped in 2017 and finally released in March 2018. The album is an evolution and development from the first Wet Cactus record, fearlessly venturing into more Progressive or Psychedelic elements while maintaining the group’s established sound. This time, the album was released on vinyl by Spinda Records, Monasterio de Cultura, Fuzz T-shirts, Stone Hill Records Store and DoomWitch; the CD edition was handled by Producciones Tudancas and Odio Sonoro and for those who love the pure essence, a cassette edition was made thanks to La Conspiración de los Iguales. The striking and unique cover art is the work of David Octane, who has become a regular collaborator with the band since then.

In 2018 and 2019, the band focused on presenting their new work and building their live performances, mainly playing throughout the peninsula. They even shared the stage with the iconic Yawning Man on several occasions and performed at the 2019 edition of the Resurrection Fest.

After the forced break in 2020, all attention turned back to the creative process, searching and experimenting with ideas that materialized into their third album, “Magma Tres.” This conceptual album delves into the consequences of Earth’s depletion as a life-sustaining planet due to human inaction in reversing their actions. Eight tracks, recorded live in February 2022, invoke a gritty and explosive atmosphere. Once again, David Octane created the cover art.

Available Formats:
Black Vinyl (250x), Red Marbled Vinyl (220x), Ultra LTD “Magma Edition” Vinyl (30x), and Digital.

Pre-Order (goes live on 19 October):

01. I. The Long Escape…*
02. Barren Landscape
03. Profound Dream
04. Mirage
05. My Gaze Is Fixed Ahead
06.  II. …From The Lair of the Majadero Man…*
07. Million Tears
08. Self Bitten Snake
09. III. …And the Arduous Revival…*
10. Hell Dweller
11. Solar Prominence
12. IV. … Of His Musical Ashes!*
* Not on Vinyl

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