[News] Whale Nado releases a brand new stand-alone single “Save Our Souls”

Albacete, Spain based Instrumental Post-Rock trio Whale Nado return with a brand new stand-alone single “Save Our Souls,” released on August 31st, 2023. Stream the track through the Spotify player below:

Purchase and Stream the single on all streaming platforms: https://whalenado.hearnow.com/

Says the band: “Save Our Souls is available on all digital platforms! After realising The Ocean Rebellion And Sonic Therapies via El Hombre Music and Voices Of The Unheard Records we are now creating new whales songs.

Whale Nado released their second LP a few months ago and couldn’t wait any longer to release their new single, “Save Our Souls.”

The band from Albacete is in a continuous creative process to offer us jewelry like this. A single with an evocative soundscape that reflects an increasingly precise sound, in which forcefulness and melody swim together in a song that defines them perfectly.

Whale Nado’s sound has an overwhelming epic, that’s why where they have played they have been surprised, because their live performance is heartbreaking, with a sound language that leaves a full emotion in the environment.

In 2015 they recorded the “EP5” featuring the first compositions of the band.

In 2018, under the label of El Hombre Music, they published “The Original Wave And The Small Riot,” recorded by Víctor Valera and Kix García, where they ride firmly through the grounds of the Instrumental Post-Rock and the Rockiest alternative part, where melodic subtlety and maximum power are compacted in a masterful and natural way in its forcefulness.

In 2020 they started to release previews of their next LP whose recording has to stop according to the worldwide situation concerning Covid 19. His first release was “No Volveré A Ser Joven,” together with the poet David Sarrión, frontman of Clacowsky, in an adaptation of Gil de Biedma’s poem, brought to the post-shock terrain and which has cast a light that continues to be had taken into account by specialized means. “Candidates,” in video-live format from La Cachorra yeyé, is the second single from their new work, and tries to tell, through its particular sound, epic and cinematographic, the story of the personification of being human, in which sometime in life is, and we are, candidates for something, either from own decision or others´s will.

In January 2022 the new LP “The Ocean Rebellion And Sonic Therapies” is finally recorded at Perdido Studios. A new record comprised of 9 songs, describing landscapes full of echoes, reverb and distortion with a deep and well-definite sound. This new record culminates a true rebellion of Whale Nado’s music, which takes a firm step forward.

Jesús Cifuentes (guitar), Javier Val (drums) and Joaquín Rovira (bass) are Whale Nado, and they show us that sometimes you don’t need the word to convey a message, and that music is as necessary in life as life own breathing, even sometimes, as they themselves know, music is breathing.

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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