[News] Wizard Tattoo unveil the official lyric video for the track “The Vengeful Thulsa Dan”

Immerse yourself in the world of Wizard Tattoo with the captivating motion comic book video for “The Vengeful Thulsa Dan.” Our fallen sorcerer from the song “Wizard Knife Fight (at a Bar)” is on a quest for revenge. This visual spectacle, crafted with Midjourney-generated comic book style images and Adobe Premiere Pro edited footage, perfectly encapsulates the doom-laden track, adding a new layer of depth to Thulsa Dan’s tale.

But there’s more to this video than meets the eye. Hidden within are two Easter eggs featuring other characters from “Fables of the Damned.” Can you spot them?

Join us on this unique journey through Thulsa Dan’s saga, brought to life in this motion comic book style video. Dive into the adventure, watch the video now, and let Thulsa Dan’s quest for vengeance unfold.

Watch the official lyric video through the YouTube player below:

Courtesy of 666MrDoom YouTube Channel

Purchase the album on Bandcamp: https://wizardtattoo.bandcamp.com/album/fables-of-the-damned


  1. Wizard Van 5:29
  2. The Black Mountain Pass 6:02
  3. The Vengeful Thulsa Dan 5:28
  4. Any Which Way But Tuned 4:37
  5. The Ghost of Doctor Beast 6:59
  6. God Damn This Wizard Tattoo 4:58
  7. Abendrote 6:30

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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