[News] Wizard Tattoo unveil the official video for the track “Wizard Van” taken from upcoming album

Prepare to embark on a wild, high-octane ride with Wizard Tattoo as they unleash their captivating third single,“Wizard Van,” from their highly anticipated album, “Fables of the Damned,” set to release on June 23, 2023. With their unique blend of influences from Sonic Youth, Guns n Roses, and Motley Crue, Wizard Tattoo has crafted a mesmerizing sonic experience that will transport listeners to another dimension.
The genesis of “Wizard Van” began with the catchy and intriguing name, which sparked the imagination of Bram the Bard, the mastermind behind Wizard Tattoo. As Bram dove into the creative process, the music took shape, intertwining gritty rock elements with a touch of their signature stoner metal prowess.
Stay tuned as Wizard Tattoo continues to cast their musical spells, weaving a tapestry of darkness and beauty that both captivates and mesmerizes.

Watch the video through the YouTube player below:

Wizard Tattoo, the Indianapolis-based Doom Rock band by multi-instrumentalist Bram the Bard, returns with the debut full-length concept album “Fables of the Damned.” Picking up where the self-titled EP left off, Fables… continues the story of a man who gets a tattoo of a wizard and slowly loses his mind–while introducing new characters like the loser of the infamous battle from the previously released “Wizard Knife Fight.” and more. Heavier and darker, Fables… pulls from Doom influences (Conan, SubRosa, Bongripper) with classic rock (Led Zeppelin, Motley Crue), as well as a healthy dose of 90s alternative (Smashing Pumpkins, Alice in Chains, Ministry).

Mixed and mastered at Garage Fire Recordings, this album is also accompanied by original artwork, hand-drawn in a horror movie/comic-style, by Bram himself. These original illustrations brings Fables… to life in a colorful and imaginative way.

Six tales of madness and one instrumental await any one who dares listen. Get lost in “Fables of the Damned” to see where it takes you.

Pre-Order the album on Bandcamp: https://wizardtattoo.bandcamp.com/album/fables-of-the-damned


  1. Wizard Van 5:29
  2. The Black Mountain Pass 6:02
  3. The Vengeful Thulsa Dan 5:28
  4. Any Which Way But Tuned 4:37
  5. The Ghost of Doctor Beast 6:59
  6. God Damn This Wizard Tattoo 4:58
  7. Abendrote 6:30

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