[News] Wolfchant, the German band puts their faith in an emerging label

NeeCee Agency press release.

South German Pagan Metal band Wolfchant has signed for Reaper Entertainment.

Since 2003, Wolfchant have set themselves the goal of proving that the proverbial “metal hammer” doesn’t just hang in Scandinavia. Extreme metal mixed with timeless melodies, riffs followed by epic parts and aggressive screams combined with choral singing are what awaits the listener.

Now, the band has signed a worldwide record deal with emerging label Reaper Entertainment Europe.

The band states: “We are very happy with the future collaboration with Reaper Entertainment, as we really appreciate their professional work. Together we want to take the Wolfchants to the next level ”.

Greg of Reaper Entertainment says: “It’s an honor to welcome pagan metal veterans like Wolfchanton board! In 2007, when I participated in the (no longer existing) Ultima Ratio Festival, unfortunately I missed them. In those days I never imagined that in 2020 we would put them under contract! Stay tuned for some WOLFCHANT in a big way! “.

Right now Wolfchant are recording their new studio album and planning a tour in the fall.

More information on the new album will follow soon.

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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