[News] Wolvennest unveil the official music video for “The Dark Path To The Light” from upcoming album

Wolvennest have revealed the official music video for the song “The Dark Path To The Light,” taken from the same-titled, upcoming album, which is going to be released in October 2023 via Ván Records. More details to be revealed soon. The video was created by Shazzula in collaboration with Mothmeister. Watch the video through the YouTube player below:

The band said:
Brothers and sisters,
Exactly ten years ago, the foundations of what Wolvennest would and could become emerged from nothingness. This symbolic decade of intoxicating frequencies seems to be the perfect occasion to share what has been forged lately. Directed by Shazzula in collaboration with the good souls behind Mothmeister.

‘The Dark Path To The Light’ is our first official videoclip and the best way to discover what our fourth full-length has to offer. As always, we tried to find comfort in a zone where time and space are just vague and futile concepts and we hope our new offering makes no exception. Regards to all the spirits who made this decade and video possible. Regarding the live appearances, the link below has all the info needed (dates, cities, venues). Love and wisdom to all!

The band announced the European Tour 2023 with special guest E-L-R-:

Brothers and sisters,
If you have followed the Wolvennest collective since the beginning, you know that we don’t tour a lot. So far, it only happened twice. We are pleased to announce that we will be back on the European roads to honor our next full length, « The Dark Path to the Light », starting the 27th October and ending the 5th of November with Swiss wizards E-L-R . Be sure of this: we’ll start this new cycle with inner peace, wisdom and confidence. Life is short, so we will do everything possible to turn each single show into a meaningful experience.
We can also reveal this: all the artwork of the new album is the result of a collaboration with the gifted souls behind MothmeisterOfficial. Those enigmatic artists are totally devoted to their universe and we are more than honored that they accepted to fusion their vision of the world with our music. Sometimes, everything just makes sense: we strongly believe this is the case for this collaboration.
The flyer below is the first manifestation of the dark trip we started with them. Speaking of this: Shazzula spent a lot of time with Mothmeister and is working hard on our next live visuals. Our dear singer, synth maniac and thereminist is also a gifted video artist, and we all are very excited to see the result of her visions.
Love to all!

Purchase tickets here: https://linktr.ee/wolvennest_bxl

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