[News] Wyndrider has added many shows to their already packed summer

The Tennessee band is one of the hardest working new bands in the Stoner Doom community.

At the beginning of May, the band announced Richard Bucher was stepping down and introduced their new drummer, Josh Brock, as well as many appearances they would make with this new lineup. Now, they are announcing August and September dates and will make several more appearances this year in Charlotte, Savannah, Tampa, Jacksonville, Columbus, Lexington, Jacksonville, and more.

Upcoming Dates:

July 15-London, KY-Holler of Doom III Festival at Mountain View Farm

July 21-Knoxville, TN-The Pilot Light with Realm, Dead Vibes Ensemble and NinjaWitch

July 29-Youngstown, OH-Ohio Doomed & Stoned Fest at Westside Bowl

July 30-Cincinnati, OH-The Comet with Grey Host, Before the Eyewall, and Opium Doom Cult

August 12- Whitesburg, KY at Summit City on Main with ENT, Portrait of Betrayal, LIPS, Hank 69, and Ponddigger

August 17- Johnson City, TN at The Hideaway with Crop and ENT

August 24- Columbus, OH at Spacebar with Wolftooth, Weed Demon, and Wurm Sun

August 25- Lexington, KY at The Green Lantern with Blind Scryer and Suncage

August 26- Lynchburg, VA at Riverview Vinyl with Smoke and Black Wind

September 15- Knoxville, TN at BrickYard Bar & Grill with The Slow Attack, Stoneman, Neanderthal, and Lucky Perm

September 21- Charlotte, NC at Snug Harbor with King Cackle and StormWatchers

September 22- Savannah, GA at El Rocko Lounge with Damned to Earth and Doof

September 23- Tampa, FL at The Born Free Pub with Worldeater, Snake Healer, Tension Electric, and Othalan

September 24- Jacksonville, FL at Rain Dogs with Stoned Morose and TBA

September 30- Asheville, NC at Fleetwood’s with Mean Green and TBA

Chloe Gould / Vocals
Robbie Willis / Guitar
Richard Bucher / Drums
Joshuwah Herald / Bass

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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