[News] Y&T Music to release “Shine On: A Tribute to Pete Ham” on June 23, 2023

Y&T Music is proud to announce the release of a special tribute album, “Shine On: A Tribute to Pete Ham,” featuring 35 new recordings of songs written by the legendary founding member of the British Rock band, Badfinger. All net profits will go to Mental Health America of Southeast Florida, the wonderful organization that is doing very important work in the field of mental health care and suicide prevention. The album will be released on all streaming services on June 23, 2023.

The musicians who’ve come together to salute this lost genius chose the songs they wanted to cover, as Pete Ham, along with the legacy of Badfinger, continues to move and inspire every generation.

The more I learned about Badfinger,” says longtime Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers drummer Stan Lynch, who contributed to three of the “Shine On” tracks, “the more upset it made me, because they were so rich with promise. It’s not just a cautionary tale – it’s truly heartbreaking.

As part of the Speaker Wars, with vocalist Jon Christopher Davis, Lynch turns “No Matter What” – Badfinger’s power Pop anthem – into a gently swaying, Country-Rocking declaration of devotion. A second version of the song, with Davis and Indian vocalist Susmita Datta, re-imagines it as a Psychedelic Hindustani dream. With ex-Georgia Satellite Dan Baird, Lynch put together The Chefs; the band contributed a raucous rave-up version of “I Can’t Take It,” one of the few full-tilt rave-ups in the Ham catalog. “That stuff was so infectious and fabulous, so obviously good,” Lynch says. “I never saw them live, but at the time when you heard those songs, you knew they were a cut above. The vocals were just so emotional. They weren’t showbiz. ‘Day After Day’ ripped my heart out.” That song, perhaps Pete’s most indelible gift to the world, is interpreted on “Shine On” by singer-songwriter Shelby Lynne, who masterfully found the emotional core and gave it a searing soulfulness that brings to mind nothing less than the legendary Dusty Springfield.

That sort of inside-out happens time and again on this collection, from the sweet heartbreak of Mary Lou Lord’s bared-nerves take on “Baby Blue” to Wreckless Eric and Amy Rigby’s spellbinding “Midnight Caller,” from Melanie’s heartbroken “Without You” (written by Pete with his Badfinger bandmate Tom Evans) to the love-has-no-limits rendition of “We’re For the Dark” by Mary Karlzen.

Each of the artists on “Shine On” – a true labor of love – would agree. We are all the better for however briefly sharing the planet with him.


  1. Mary Lee Kortes – No More
  2. The Chefs – I Can’t Take It
  3. Smokin’ Novas – Shine On
  4. The Speaker Wars (featuring Susmita Datta) – No Matter What (world version)
  5. Sweet Lizzy Project – Perfection
  6. The Delevantes – Know One Knows
  7. Shelby Lynne – Day After Day
  8. Rob Bonfiglio – Lonely You
  9. Amanda Green – Name of The Game
  10. Fernando Perdomo – Savile Row
  11. Mary Lou Lord – Baby Blue
  12. Arlan Feiles – Walk Out in the Rain
  13. Tobin Sprout – Dear Father
  14. Nineteen Hand Horse (Nathalie Archangel) – Blodwyn
  15. Electric Piquete – Matted Spam
  16. Balsamo Collins Riley – Keep Believing
  17. Timothy LaRoque – I’m In Love
  18. Mary Karlzen – We’re For The Dark


  1. Amy Allison – Apple of My Eye
  2. The Speaker Wars – No Matter What (pop version)
  3. Albert Castiglia Band (featuring Mandy Marylane) – Piano Red
  4. Mic Harrison And The High Score – Meanwhile Back at The Ranch
  5. Wreckless Eric & Amy Rigby – Midnight Caller
  6. Diane Ward – Lay Me Down
  7. Dennis Diken – Dennis
  8. Melanie – Without You
  9. Elsten Torres – Take It All
  10. Nelson Bragg – Carry On Till Tomorrow
  11. Jim Camacho – They’re Knocking Down Our Home
  12. Claudia Hoyser – Midnight Sun
  13. The Parlophonics – Song For A Lost Friend
  14. Life Boat – Crimson Ship
  15. Jolynn Daniel – I Miss You
  16. Ken Sharp – Just a Chance
  17. Voice in Fashion – Timeless

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Purchase on the label’s website: https://www.ytmusiconline.com/

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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