[News] Rainburn new live video for “Suicide Note: Alive In Black”

Indian Prog Rock/Metal band Rainburn have published a new video, alive version of “Suicide Note: Alive In Black”. The song is taken from their new Upcoming EP called “Resignify“, that will be released on 7 November 2019. The track was recorded live on July 2019, and the EP is a live reworked version of some songs from their first album “Insignify“, for the one-year anniversary. The band talked about the new release: “Suicide Note was probably the most-liked song from our debut album Insignify that we released last year, and the best-received song when we went on tour,” singer and guitarist Vats Iyengar tells Prog. “This recording is from a show we did in our hometown, Bangalore, a few months after the tour ended, and it really shows the teeth of this band as a live act. It’s the opening song on an EP called Resignify that we’re putting out to coincide with the one-year anniversary of Insignify (7 November 2019). The song is called Suicide Note: Alive in Black, and there’s also a version called Suicide Note: Fading into White that closes out the EP, which will surprise a lot of people who are familiar with the original. Besides these two, Resignify consists of one more live recording from the same show (Someone New), a pretty radical makeover of Elusive Light from Insignify, and a re-recording of a song called Veil from our first EP. I think, more than anything else, it’s the two reworked songs from Insignify that really showcase the breadth of Rainburn’s music.”


1. Suicide Note: Alive in Black
2. Elusive Light: Resignified
3. Veil: Recanvased
4. Someone New: Live at Fandom
5. Suicide Note: Fading into White

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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