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22 For Silicon Alone is an audiovisual project created by the Belgian artist Alexis Pfrimmer, which proposes a mix of Art Rock and Space Rock with personal and original features. Before having any music written, he had the intuition of making this story fit into a Rock influenced environment using unconventional instruments such as Baryton Saxo to emulate bass or even Violin for Guitar. The debut album “Only Dark Matters” was released on May 21, 2021 and contains 10 tracks ranging from 3 to 9 minutes in length. The band name is equally original and refers to the protective layer of NASA astronauts’ spacesuits that protects them from cosmic dust. The journey begins with “0 + 1 = 2” characterized by a long intro with deep sounds, and then develops with acid and distorted sounds to which a vowel full of pathos is added. The intensity increases with the passage of the song and you immediately realize the ability to replace the bass and guitar with violin and Sax, very original. “Lapazule” begins with atmospheric and spatial sounds, dark and melancholy with good phrasing between keyboards and violin and an expressive vocal. The rhythmic session enters and the track develops between continuous tempo changes and intricate spatial sounds. An intro that reminds us of far and deep space and begins “In Every Terms” which develops with elaborate and intense plots with keyboards and Sax at the center of the sound. The tempo changes are an added value and in the instrumental section we find a technical and sophisticated solo. “D’Anges et de Morts” is a powerful and intricate passage with an energetic and distorted sound, the French vocal interprets the various phases of the song very well with a personal touch. Jazzed traits and moments of hard Rock are mixed with more Experimental passages between accelerations and elaborate phrasing. The shortest track of the album “Pont de Lianes” is characterized by repeated and hypnotic sounds, which in the middle of the song are broken up by drum accelerations. A technical track with a complex structure enriched by atmospheric effects and dilated sounds that catapult us into outer space. “Flagrants Délices” after a slow and delicate beginning the intensity increases with the passing of the minutes, until it releases all the vocal power and complex sonorous intertwining. The vocal rehearsal and the plots built and performed by the artists are good, complex at times more accessible in others but always very technical. A rhythmic drumming opens “Intra Venus” which develops a more accessible sound with Pop references, although it is always very elaborate. In the second part you treat Ambient and piano sounds with a stratified vocal guide us on this journey that converges into a crescendo. Here we are at the title track “Only Dark Matters” deep and full of pathos and sounds that envelop us slowly, with the tranquility broken at times by the energetic vocal. Softer in certain passages and with a more linear structure in the verses and with some avant-garde Pop references. “Extra Venus” is the longest track on the album, with over 8 minutes in length, with a slow pacing that gradually envelops and transports us with spatial sound and effects. The piano and the violin intertwine in the melodies and the slow and pachydermic rhythmic session accelerates in the final giving life to a solid and powerful drumming that closes the piece in crescendo. The repeated melodies of piano and violin turn heads, with atmospheres that are sometimes dark and intricate and with refined sounds. Closes the album “Plenty of Time to Die” with power and complex textures, continuous tempo changes and softer sections and then suddenly accelerates. The artist is able to create engaging plots and complex elaborate passages ending the disc with an energetic piece. An album that at first listen can be difficult, but which contains original ideas and a personal touch that brings Space Rock into a modern context. A mix of avant-garde and Space Rock with complex structures, continuous tempo changes and refined sounds. The choice of replacing bass and guitar with sax and violin is particular and appropriate, an original but successful choice, which is added to a very expressive and pathos-laden vocal. A listening recommended to all lovers of Space Rock sounds with forays into experimentation and avant-garde, with high-level compositions and refined sounds. A good debut that allowed us to meet an artist with original ideas, well developed and executed.


01. 0+1=2 (03:03)
02. Lapazule (04:02)
03. In Every Terms (03:52)
04. D’Anges et de Morts (03:48)
05. Pont de Lianes (02:56)
06. Flagrants Délices (05:12)
07. Intra Venus (04:25)
08. Only Dark Matters (04:04)
09. Extra Venus (08:57)
10. Plenty of Time to Die (04:40)


Alexis Pfrimmer / Vocals
Joachim Baumerder / Violin, Arrangement & Fx
Marti Marganon / Bass Clarinet, Saxophone Tenor and Baryton
Luca Glausen / Drums
Alberto De Juan / Piano, Keys & Synth
Ophélie Cazes / Vocal Coach


Marina Delicado / Piano (Tracks 6, 7 & 9)
Niels Borrey / Electric Guitar (Track 6, Bass on Track 10)
Matteo Pastorino / Bass Clarinet (Tracks 6, 7 & 9)
Vincent Thekal / Baryton Sax (Track 10)
Soheil Tabrizi-Zadeh / Acoustic Guitar (Track 6)

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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