[Review] A Day In Venice – IV

A Day in Venice is the moniker used by the painter, poet, songwriter and music producer Andrej Kralj from Trieste, Italy. His new album “IV” was released on June 06, 2023 and contains 11 tracks ranging from 3 to over 11 minutes long. The album is available in both a digital version and a special limited edition collector’s USB Drive. The musical style of the album is a mixture of different genres, starting with Progressive Rock and then moving on to Alternative, Doom, Post-Rock and a touch of Gothic. The tracklist alternates between soft, symphonic passages with guitar arpeggios and dreamy atmospheres and others with harder guitar riffs and a heavy sound. The vocals are warm and deep and add a Gothic touch to the style of the album. The main distinguishing feature of the album is the personal style of the artist, who manages to give his own imprint to all the tracks. Also interesting are the guest appearances with a mixture of male and female vocals in “Flames of Gold,” the presence of the oboe in “Opidian Queen” and in the final epic track “Aghori,” where we also find the sax. As the tracks flow, Gothic atmospheres permeate the sound in the middle part of the album, while in the early part the Prog and Post-Rock fusioendi is predominant. While tracks like “Children Of The Night” and “Drops Of Winter” show the artist’s more doom side, with heavy guitar riffs and a darker sound. The listening experience culminates with the over 11-minute epic suite “Aghori,” which incorporates all the musical elements that make up the artist’s style. It ranges from more symphonic Prog, Post-Rock and Doom passages, creating a very varied mixture of influences and using the entire length to develop the musical concept of the project. An album that contains within it a mixture of different genres and styles, exploring the different facets of Andrej’s sound. The artist plays several instruments as well as singing on all the tracks, except for the guest inserts. The decision to offer a collector’s version of the disc in USB format is also interesting. It is a pleasant and flowing listen, where Gothic influences permeate the atmospheres of the tracks.


01. Twioys (4:14)
02. Reins of freedom (3:36)
03. You will meet your love (3:58)
04. Flames of gold (3:25)
05. Ophidian queen (4:53)
06. Counting steps (4:37)
07. Your thoughts buried in darkness (3:47)
08. Children of the night (4:21)
09. Drops of winter (3:36)
10. No one can stop you (4:37)
11. Aghori (11:29)


All instruments: Andrej Kralj
Vocals performed by Angelos Kyprianos
Vocals on “Flames of Gold” performed by Angelos Kyprianos and Amanda Onicee
Oboe on “Opidian Queen” and “Aghori” performed by Luis Marquez
Saxophone on “Aghori” performed by Maurice Soque
Electric guitar riff on “Drops of Winter” by Marjan Milič

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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