[Review] Acid Mothers Temple – Either The Fragmented Body Or The Reconstituted Soul

Acid Mothers Temple is one of the leading exponents of Japanese and world Psychedelic/Experimental music. In business since 1995, the group is known for its impressive live performances, as well as for its prolific nature, with over 60 active albums. “Either The Fragmented Body Or The Reconstituted Soul” was released September 15, 2017 and available on LP, CD and Digital Download. The LP version was reprinted in 2019 with the addition of a 12″ colored vinyl, in a limited edition of 250 copies. Containing 4 tracks “Magic Bohemian & Mystic Nuns pt. 1 “and” Crystallized Encephalon pt. 1,” Crystallized Encephalon pt. 2 “and” La Novia (Acoustic Version) “in Side B. In the CD and Digital copy there are two extra tracks “Faggot Brain” and “Magic Bohemian & Mystic Nuns pt. 2” as Bonus Tracks. The version we will analyze in this article, for the sake of completeness is the one containing also the two Bonus tracks. The album starts with “Faggot Brain,” the first Bonus Track, with a long excursus of electric guitar, on a carpet of guitar arpeggios and atmospheric effects. An excellent spatial intro focused on the electric guitar. The following “Magic Bohemian & Mystic Nuns pt. 1,” with the same atmospheric background that takes up the previous song, starts instead with a fast rhythm The sitar draws a repetitive oriental riff, on which chorus of voices, also repeated, are inserted, the guitar makes its entrance with a fast atonal solo. A pause of frenetic rhythm with choruses reminiscent of India and ‘east, to then start whirling with the main theme and a psychedelic insert by Sitar.’ Crystallized Encephalon pt. 1 ‘after a psychedelic atmospheric intro, enter a drum on this psychedelic carpet that accompanies us throughout the track. “La Novia (Acoustic Version)” is characterized by a vocal like the opera on an arpeggio by the guitar. An acoustic piece, calmer in tones than the album’s electrical-experimental discharges. “Crystallized Encephalon pt. 2” begins with an electronic noise and a rhythmic drum, a background of athmosp effects guides us throughout the song. Towards the middle of the track a change is made, the Drum accelerates and then enters an experimental phase with accelerated tone changes and rapids. The album closes with “Magic Bohemian & Mystic Nuns pt. 2” takes the melody of the first part and is characterized by a vertiginous drum-bass rhythm. Everything revolves around the Sitar and the atmospheric effects on a rhythmic base that is always drawn, sometimes with good guitar inserts, but the melody of the Sitar is the one that guides it. A great listening for all lovers of experimental music, Psychedelic a and Space. An album that at first glance may seem complicated, but that after a more careful listening reveals all its pleasant sonic facets. A classic AMT-style disc, with all the features that a fan expects, long tracks with excursions into experimental avant-gardism. Another good release by Peruvian Necio Records, specialised in the production of these treasures of modern experimentalism.


01. Faggot Brain (bonus CD) 10:35
02. Magic Bohemian & Mystic Nuns pt. 1 10:47
03. Crystallized Encephalon 05:38
04. La Nóvia (acoustic version) 05:35
05. Crystallized Encephalon pt. 2 14:52
06. Magic Bohemian & Mystic Nuns pt. 2 (bonus CD) 11:05


Jyonson Tsu / Voices, Midnight Whistler
Kawabata Makoto / Guitar, Bass, Synthesizer, Organ, Tambura, Sitar, Voice, Speed Guru
Higashi Hiroshi / Synthesizer, Noodle God
Mitsuko (aquí hay un simbolo de estrella) Tabata / Guitar, Guitar-Synthesizer, Voice, Kisses & Hugs
Satoshima Nani / Drums, Percussion, Another Dimension
Tsuyama Atsushi / Chant (On La Nòvia)

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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