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Aether is an Italian project, born in 2021 by 4 musicians with different artistic backgrounds but linked by a common thread. The result is the eponymous debut album released on February 06, 2023 via Overdub Recordings and containing 11 tracks. Their music is a blend of Jazz Rock, Progressive, Ambient and Post-Rock that is entirely instrumental. In fact, through the tracks that make up the tracklist, the band takes us on an exploration of modern sounds that are strongly linked to those of the genre’s classics. The extensive use of keyboards gives the band’s style a distinct imprint, which manages to find the right meeting point between innovation and tradition. That Ambient touch fits perfectly into the context by acting as a bridge between Jazz and Prog Rock, making even the most improvised and technical parts more accessible to the listener. Certainly, one of the characteristics that becomes apparent from the very first listen is the preparation and research done by the musicians. Although inspired by the masters of the genre, the band manages to delineate its own personal style, without any reverential fear and above all without being a reproduction of this or that artist. The tracklist is well-constructed, intense from start to finish, managing to keep the listener involved thanks to the excellent ideas. Softer passages, others more energetic, Progressive Rock a la King Crimson mixed with Nordic sounds a la Terje Rypdal and the Norwegian school both classical and modern. But the band’s main characteristics are its originality and its ability to make the most of the individual technique of all four musicians, both in composition and performance. The album is intense from beginning to end and always manages to reveal new passages and details with each listening. A recommended listen for lovers of Progressive sounds strongly imbued with Jazz Rock, entirely instrumental, technical and elaborate but always accessible to the listener.


01. Echo Chamber (02:33)
02. Radiance (04:09)
03. Thin Air (04:15)
04. Grey Halo (02:38)
05. Pressure (04:29)
06. A Gasp of Wind (05:06)
07. A Yellow Tear in a Blue-Dyed Sky (02:58)
08. Moving Away (04:36)
09. The Shores of Bolinas (02:58)
10. Crimson Fondant (05:02)
11. This Bubble I’m Floating In (04:33)


Andrea Ferrari / Guitars and Keyboards
Andrea Grumelli / Bass and Chpman Stick
Andrea Serino / Fender Rhodes and Keyboards
Matteo Ravelli / Drums and Electronics

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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