[Review] Agusa – En Annan Värld

Agusa is a Swedish Progressive Rock band formed in 2013 and with 70s retro sounds, which have released 4 full-lengths. Their new album “En Annan Värld” is out on September 10, 2021 via Kommun2 and contains 2 long and epic tracks of over 20 minutes, where the band confirms the good heard in the previous ones. The sound of the album is very reminiscent of the 70s and it could easily be a hidden rarity of 50 years ago, this already puts me in a good mood from the first bars of the disc. Fine tempo changes, intertwining flute and keyboard and excellent guitar iserts with a solid and elaborate rhythm session. Two long entirely instrumental pieces, where the artists involved create a very personal sound in pure Prog style with breathtaking solos and symphonic and pastoral passages with the finely crafted flute. In my opinion this is a masterpiece, intense from start to finish and the long minutes are fully exploited to enhance the compositional and executive technique of the band. The album confirms the artistic maturity of the band, which by right is included among the best of today’s Prog scene, managing to bring to the present day the pleasant sensations of the records of the early 70s. Two suites that blend multiple styles, inspired by bands such as Focus and Camel, with a personal touch and refined sounds that will not disappoint even the most demanding listeners and purists. With a mixing and mastering that manages to reproduce the sounds of the past, very clean and that stands out all the instruments. A must for all lovers of Prog sounds of the early 70s, absolutely recommended for the quality expressed a real masterpiece. Records like this show how Prog music is still alive and artists like these are new oxygen for the genre, bringing it into the present and projecting it into the future.


01. Sagobrus (25:01)
02. Uppenbarelser (21:13)


Mikael Ödesjö / Guitar
Roman Andrén / Keyboards
Jenny Puertas / Flute
Simon Ström / Bass
Tim Wallander / Drums

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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