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Anderes Holz is a German band that combines Progressive Rock sounds with Krautrock, with a touch of Art Pop and Avant-Garde. The second and new album “Continuo” was released on May 20, 2022 via Tonzonen Records and contains 10 tracks ranging from 2 to 7 minutes in length. The sound of the siren opens “Şıfr” which is the longest track on the album, featuring a solid rhythmic session with hypnotic and leading bass lines. The guitar guides the sound, to which are added the lyrics in German, alternating male and female vocals. Enriched by tempo changes, it mixes various genres and styles with a pure Avant-garde section in the central part, and then returns to the main theme of the song and with the last verses sung to close, with the alternation of Prog and Art Pop. With a greater imprint Art Pop in the first part “Morgenwelt” is characterized by a deep-toned male vocal. The second part alternates darker instrumental parts with harder sounds that alternate with the Pop at the beginning of the song. “Stereo Indigo” after a short intro with an effected sound, develops with a rhythmic drumming and the alternation of softer parts with openings with distorted guitar riffs. Engaging and enriched by continuous tempo changes, it is an original passage in which we find intertwining of various instruments and of male and female voices. At the end they offer an instrumental section with more Progressive sounds, even if the whole piece has a Prog attitude thanks to the tempo changes. From the dilated sonorities “Phase” has a darker atmosphere and a more Experimental imprint, with the addition of modulations and effects and a vowel full of pathos. Alternating heavier passages with softer ones “Globus” has a mark somewhere between the Prog and the Avant-Garde, with continuous tempo changes and intricate textures. Between accelerations and refined passages, with a dynamic vocal that interprets the lyrics in an original way, the track is a mix of technique and engaging passages. The shortest in duration “Neume” is a passage with guitar and effects on which virtuous vocal experiments are developed. “Schwan” opens with rhythmic drumming creating an engaging and cheerful sound with tropical influences, to which are added supporting bass lines and a German vocal. The guitar leads the melodies with alternating lead inserts and distorted riffs, an original track enriched by percussion. Another passage from the more avant-garde sounds “Buto,” after a first brief introductory part, develops with distorted guitar riffs and a sound with dark atmospheres. From the solid and slowed rhythm, he mixes Heavy traits with vocal experiments, giving a particular imprint to the piece. Returning to more Progressive sonoritò “Čopor” always maintains an elaborate structure, with sophisticated and complex passages, am more accessible. The guitar is the protagonist, while the rhythm has the usual supporting bass lines and a drumming rich in tempo changes, interesting the quantity of instruments that intertwine here, a very intense track. The disc ends with “Philia” another of the shorter tracks, developed on dreamy acoustic guitar arpeggios and a final with atmospheric effects. A band with personal sounds, which combine Progressive and Avant-garde, passing through Krautrock and Art Pop, alternating sung tracks and elaborate instrumental passages. The vocal in German is of Experimental matrix, the structure of the pieces is intricate and with continuous tempo changes. A listening recommended for lovers of more avant-garde sounds of Prog, with complex plots and experiments in both sounds and vocals, this band has its own personal sound that makes listening interesting and original.


01. Şıfr (07:12)
02. Morgenwelt (03:44)
03. Stereo Indigo (04:00)
04. Fase (02:34)
05. Globus (06:08)
06. Neume (02:15)
07. Schwan (03:33)
08. Buto (02:25)
09. Čopor (03:32)
10. Philia (02:13)


Kunde Waldzither / Voice, Waldzither, Lyrics
Tine Täger / Bass, Voice, Theremin
Boris Boskovski / Drums, Percussion

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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