[Review] Apairys – Vers la lumiere

The Neo Prog band Apirys was born in France in 2014, starting to write music for passion. With the passage of time they begin to write music and lyrics for their debut album, publishing on 15 December 2019 “Vers La Lumière” via Les Amis d’Apairys and available on CD and Digital Download. Composed of 5 medium-long duration songs, including a suite of over 16 minutes. Sung in French, a mix between symphonic and solid rhythms, mixing influences from the past and modern sounds. The opener “Rituel” starts with a rhythmic drum and solid guitar riffs, everything changes continuously, with an elaborate rhythmic session. The vocal is functional to the music and best adapts to the sound. In the long instrumental sections the theme is well elaborated, with the guitar that guides and the keyboards to support it. In the end the intensity increases and after a guitar solo the track ends. “La machine” begins with Prog atmosphere and the vocal, the melodies of guitar and keyboards are interchanged. Compared to the previous one, the singing is more present, well interpreted and the structure is more elaborate with frequent tempo changes, in the second part it is more intricate. The track that gives the title to the album “Vers la lumiere” begins with keyboards and acoustic guitar. With a sudden change the structure is elaborated, at times intricate and in others it is stronger. An intense and instrumental track, where all musicians are free to express themselves at their best, giving rise to rapid accelerations and softer sections, summarizing at best the essence of their sound. “Sur le bitume” at times darker, while in the sung parts it is more harmonious, with frequent changes and instrumental parts Jazzed. In the second part of the piece, the vocal offers a good test, with a song inspired and modeled on the various changes, the song ends with more positive melodies, a good test. Last track “Recueil,” a suite of over 16 minutes that begins with acoustic guitar and an atmospheric background of keyboards. After this intro of about a minute enter the instruments with rhythmic drum and bass and solid guitar riffs, supported by the layers of keyboards on which an expressive vocal enters. In the first instrumental section keyboards and guitar intertwine, elaborating the central theme, the vowel returns and alternate moments sung with others only played. In the instrumental section halfway through the song, it transforms with a softer sound and acoustic guitar, when the instruments return the atmosphere becomes darker and heavier with a hypnotic bassline and grim riffs. This instrumental part guides us to the ¾ of the song, with guitar solos and keyboards that intertwine giving life to one of the best moments of the album. The singing returns for the last verses, and the song closes with atmospheric effects in decline. A good debut for the French band, well structured and well executed, both in the instrumental and singing parts. At times more harmonious in others harder, with pleasant passages, as well as the elaborate rhythm, at times intricate but fluent. The guitar guides the sound, with the keyboards that are inserted, offering good support and inserts, the vocal is well executed and adapts to the situations that the music creates. An album recommended for lovers of modern Prog sounds, with the guitar protagonist, stronger traits and elaborated structures, pleasant listening and a good revelation in this 2019.


01. Rituel (5:45)
02. La Machine (9:29)
03. Vers La Lumière (9:27)
04. Sur Le Bitume (5:56)
05. Recueil (16:38)


Christophe Bellières / Vocals
Benoît Campedel / Guitars, Bass
Silvain Goillot / Drums, Keyboards

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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