[Review] Aragorn – The Suite [2022 Korean Reissue]

Aragorn‘s “The Suite” is a masterpiece of Australian Progressive music originally released in 1975 in a limited run of only 50 copies. The record was later illegally reissued in pirated CD copies, immediately attracting the interest of fans of Prog sounds. In late 2022, the Korean Merry Go Round record label officially reissued it, adding a bonus track, giving new visibility to this absolute masterpiece of Australian music. The band is closely associated with the Snakes Alive lineup, with whom they share some lineup members. The only recording of the project is this wonderful album, which we have the honour and pleasure to be able to listen to and review in this article. An album that allows us to ‘rewrite’ the history of Australian Progressive music, as it is definitely one of the best releases of that magical period that is the 70s. Inspired by Tolkien‘s legendary book “The Lord of the Rings,” of which it develops the theme in a long track of 43 minutes in the vinyl version and over 50 minutes in the updated CD reissue. Musically, the band’s style is reminiscent of the UK-made sounds of Progressive music, with long instrumental textures in which melodies and solo inserts of guitar, keyboards and flute are interwoven. The lyrics inspired by the themes of Middle-earth are interpreted by a dynamic and expressive vocalist, well inserted into the musical context of the album. The rhythm section is solid and elaborate, enriched by continuous tempo changes, as in the best tradition of the genre, allowing the development of the album concept by perfectly tying together the various parts that make up the tracklist. A pleasant journey both within the history of the book we all know, and in the sounds of the 70s, proposing a mixture of different styles always referable to quality Progressive Rock. Symphonic traits alternate with more jazzy passages, acoustic passages with guitar arpeggios and more energetic ones, recalling at times the music of Jethro Tull, at others that of more symphonic bands such as YES and VDGG. Intense from beginning to end, this work enhances both the compositional and performing technique of the band, who use the entire duration of the suite to develop their original ideas with markedly personal traits. This is recommended listening for all lovers of the Prog sounds of the 70s, a true masterpiece that remained hidden for so long and that today, thanks to the Korean label Merry Go Round, can be rediscovered and spread among fans of the genre. To be listened to and re-listened to many times, at each listening it always reserves us nuances and emotional passages of absolute value. I thank the label for giving me the opportunity to listen to and review this work.


01. Creatures Of The Night (3:05)
02. Rivendell (3:52)
03. Wonder (4:48)
04. Rivendell South (0:48)
05. Land Of A Mordor (3:49)
06. Trees And Grass (2:04)
07. East Of Greyhaven (4:17)
08. A History Book (3:32)
09. Thuner (2:59)
10. Grove (2:01)
11. Sky (1:20)
12. Dark Lord (2:33)
13. Rivendell East (1:39)
14. Aragorn (2:52)
15. Ends Of Time (1:52)
16. Dance Of The Ring (1:32)
17. And The People And The Night (Bonus Track) (7:50)


Michael Vidale / Bass
Peter Nykyruj / Drums, Percussion
John Simpson / Electric Guitar
Jonas Sayewell / Flute, Acoustic Guitar, Vocals
Oleg Ditrich / Piano, Keyboards, Vocals

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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