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Athemon is a collaboration between Tom MacLean (ex-Haken / To-Mera) and Adriano Ribeiro who, after signing the record deal with Wormholedeath Records, released the debut album on October 11, 2021. Titled “Athemon” it contains 9 tracks ranging from 3 to over 8 minutes in length, with the addition of Gledson Gonçalves as guest on drums. The album opens with “Perception” and his rock guitar riffs, then develops accelerated and powerful drumming creating a dark and heavy sounding atmosphere. Rich in time changes, the track has a strong impact and immediately shows the individual technique of the artists involved, immersing us in the sound atmosphere of the album. “Whispers” is characterized by constantly evolving pulled rhythms between tempo changes and more intricate parts, with a dark atmosphere, with a powerful vocal. The guitar is heavy and load-bearing for the sound, which could be inserted in a context of more extreme Progressive Metal and full of high-level tempo changes. In the second part it increases the intensity, and then closes the piece. With an aggressive sound “The Glass Hindered Us” features accelerated rhythms and continuous tempo changes, with a good vocal proof that adds a mysterious touch to the sound. The guitar is at the center of the melodies and riffs and then slows down and closes in the final. Slower and with darker features “Different From What Was Missing” is a very intense and elaborate track, with an enveloping and sometimes heavy sound. The guitar offers a good test with elaborate textures, as well as the intricate and supportive drum, while the vocal is dynamic and copes with the various situations of the track with quality. We are in the middle of the album with “Seed of Change” a real discharge of power with dizzying rhythms, powerful guitars and an aggressive vocal. The tempo changes and the accelerations bring the sound to an almost Extreme Metal level, very energetic and engaging, enriched by very technical passages. With a less tense rhythm than the previous “I Voice of Mine” it develops with fine guitar weaves and a cleaner and sometimes choral vocal. In the second part it becomes darker and the rhythm slows down, showing another facet of the band’s sound. “Reaching Deepness” It follows the sound of the previous track, with a more intricate part and with refined textures of drum and guitar. The second central part becomes heavier, then changes and in the final section closes with a tighter and more aggressive sound. Guitar arpeggios open “Greatest Understanding” and then with a change unleash all the energy and power the band has to offer. The vocal is aggressive, and the first part develops on accelerated rhythms and heavy guitar riffs, while the second part is enriched by tempo changes that alternate slower passages with other dizzying ones. Closes the album “Birth” characterized by a slower arrhythmic and a melancholic atmosphere, an instrumental track that ends with an orchestral background. A powerful and energetic album, with tight, tight drumming and heavy guitars at the heart of the project. The vocals are good, alternating more aggressive passages with other more clean ones. A listening recommended for lovers of the hardest Progressive Metal sounds, the artists involved have experience and put it into play by offering an album full of interesting ideas.


01. Perception 03:15
02. Whispers 05:28
03. The Glass Hindered Us 03:57
04. Different From What Was Missing 05:22
05. Seed of Change 07:25
06. I Voice of Mine 08:12
07. Reaching Deepness 06:42
08. Greatest Understanding 05:53
09. Birth 04:01


Adriano Ribeiro / Guitars and Vocals
Tom MacLean / Bass and Production
Gledson Gonçalves / Drums (special guest)

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