[Review] Atlas Cube – The Rift EP

Atlas Cube is a German Progressive group, formed in Rosenburg in 2013. In 2015, they released their EP debut “Atlas Cube,” and January 23, 2019 released their second EP “the Rift”, composed of six tracks, both instrumental. The sound proposed is a Heavy Prog, with intricate textures, busy bass licks, virtuoso guitar solos, and moderate use of keyboards. The opener “Preludium”, as the title says, is a prelude made up of guitar arpeggios and tapping, which change time continuously, highlighting Meis technique. “Paratona” is the longest song of the whole album, it also starts with a good guitar work. Solid and elaborate bass lines and an intricate rhythm are the counterpart to guitar excursions. Well developed with a long solo that from the middle of the track leads us up to 3/4, and then with a change of time we close by touching the Prog Metal. “Use Tactis” begins with darker riffs and a syncopated and intricate rhythmic session. We are in a land closer to Prog Metal than to Rock, and everything is done with technique and precision. The bass becomes slap and taking the scene, and after a softer and darker passage, the rhythm speed up and the guitar performs a great solo. In the final, space again for the bass and the drum, with the return to the initial theme, the piece closes. In “Interludium,” as in the first track the title says it all, this time the protagonist is the bass, with slight guitar inserts for two pleasant minutes of passage. “Nimbus Nomad” begins with a guitar riff on an uptempo, keyboard also come into play to embellish the sound. Very technical track, the rhythmic session is well-structured and intricate. The guitar offers original cues at times more rhythmic in others more complex. All the instruments freely express their maximum, one of the best moments on the record. The final “Postludium” is instead a short 2-minute piece of piano solo, fine and melodic, a good closing full of passion. A pleasant listening, which highlights the qualities of the band. Everyone collaborates in the sound, never banal and with elaborate plots, sometimes complex. Despite being intricate passages, it’s a fluent work. The virtuosity offered does not remain ends in themselves, but collaborate with the other instruments. A recommended listening for lovers of Heavy Prog and instrumental Prog Metal sounds, with the guitar in the foreground. Bass and drum are elaborate and purposeful. A good EP, never trivial and with many interesting cues and positive ideas.


01. Preeludium
02. Paratone
03. Use Tactis
04. Interludium
05. Nimbus Nomad
06. Postludium


Helmar Weiß / Drums, Keyboards
Sebastian Beer / Bass
Martin Mies / Guitar

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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