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The Russian band Aton Five formed in 2014 and has since been playing a blend of Progressive and Post-Rock with forays into Metal and Classical music. After some breaks and line-up changes they are back with a new self-titled album on April 28, 2023 containing 5 long tracks including an epic over 22 minutes long. The opener “Alienation” immediately shows the band’s progressive side, made up of intertwining guitars and keyboards. A gritty song, with heavy stretches mixed with technical passages and inserts with the guitar in evidence in the first part. The rhythm section is solid and elaborate, enriched by continuous tempo changes and load-bearing bass lines. A long instrumental in which the guitar and keyboards alternate in intense solo inserts with the synth in evidence. A modern-sounding synth opens “Naked Void,” which continues to explore the heavy sounds of prog. With a change, the track offers a section with dark atmospheres and symphonic sounds alternating with harder openings. Deep, load-bearing bass lines and elaborate, solid drumming characterise the rhythm section. The riffs are granitic and well-constructed, as are the virtuoso solo inserts. A technical track that enhances the band’s compositional and performing technique. “Clepsydra” is the shortest track on the album, lasting 3:33 minutes. A short instrumental passage that incorporates elements of Post-Rock and dilated sounds with a fine keyboard background that envelops the listener. The following “Danse Macabre,” of which a live video was also played, returns to the heavy prog sounds characteristic of the band. A burst of energy blends with technical passages, combining tradition with fresh, modern sounds thanks to the band’s personal touch. The organ and keyboard parts are an added value, as are the continuous tempo changes and fine solo points. An excellent track, incorporating power, technique and symphonic openings with the piano showing the band’s classical music influences. The album ends with the epic suite “Lethe,” which is over 22 minutes long and opens with the sound of sea waves. A killer bassline and electrifying guitar lead us towards the musical developments of the track, which slowly develops into a richly interwoven Prog theme. A well-constructed blend of symphonic Prog, technical passages and heavy sections that sums up the essence of the band’s music. One of their skills is to combine the classic prog traits of keyboards and more elaborate parts with that fresh, modern touch with forays into Prog Metal. The entire length of the track is used to develop this epic, which is certainly an added value to the album’s tracklist and the band’s discography. It is always a pleasure to be able to listen to and review records like this one, characterised by a modern Prog sound with distinctly personal traits. The band skilfully brings the classic atmospheres of the genre into a modern and personal context, combining Rock and Metal, classical music and Post-Rock in a concentration of technique and energy. The tracklist is as well developed as the songs themselves, always maintaining a high intensity and capturing the listener’s interest from beginning to end. A recommended listen for all lovers of the more Heavuy sounds of Prog, one of the best releases of 2023.


01. Alienation (08:32)
02. Naked Void (08:32)
03. Clepsydra (03:23)
04. Danse Macabre (08:00)
05. Lethe (22:01)


Anton Ablov / Organ, Synth, Piano
Roman Makushev / Drums
Alexander Seleznev / Guitars, Additional Keyboards, Production, Voice on track 5
Mikhail Zenkov / Bass, Production

Matthew Borun / Track 4 only: Organ and Piano Solos, Strings Arrangement

Michael Kalra / Tracking, Sound Production, Tambourine
Kos Koremill / Mixing, Mastering

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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