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Autómata is a band from Paris, France offering Post-Rock sounds mixed with Progressive Rock. Their second album “Heart Murmur” was released on September 29, 2023 via Araki Records and contains 7 long tracks, including an epic over 18 minutes long. A hypnotic melody and a spoken vocal open the album and the first track “On A Wire.” The melodies unfold over intertwining arpeggios, creating dilated atmospheres, while the rhythm section moves slowly. The intensity increases as the minutes pass and the central theme of the track evolves, layering the sounds and melodies. The modern and personal traits of the band’s sound are mixed with the traditional ones of instrumental Post-Rock. Arpeggios also characterise the first part of the following “Sad Guru,” a delicate and introspective track. The rhythm section is soft, while the dreamy melodies are enriched by a guitar solo insert in the middle section. The track develops into a musical crescendo characterised by the layering of sounds and an interesting interweaving of keyboards and guitar in the second part. “Dead Fields” is one of the two shortest tracks on the album, 2:21 minutes in which the band experiments with sounds and modulations. An intro with percussion and electronic soundscape opens “Mad Motor.” The band’s Post-Rock imprinting permeates the sound, an interweaving of guitar and keyboards and a soft, elaborate rhythm section. Electric guitar inserts give a heavy touch in the middle section where the band adds a sampled vocal. Between layers and tempo changes the track flows, enveloping the listener with its ethereal sound. The band’s classic sound is enriched with sampled vocals and scratching in “Killing Spiders.” Rhythms move slowly, melodies are layered and the band incorporates fresh, modern elements to the more classic Post-Rock sounds. “Memories” is the second shortest track on the disc, 2:21 minutes developed in a musical crescendo enhanced by orchestrations. The album ends with the epic track “Processions,” which is over 18 minutes long. The band explores all the facets that make up their style, moving from Post-Rock/Metal to Progressive, with the long instrumental textures enriched by tempo changes. A track that enhances the band’s compositional and performing technique, a highlight for the disc’s tracklist. The long duration is exploited to express the band’s musical concept, ending with a delicate, dreamy arpeggio. A band that proposes its own style of instrumental Post-Rock, with long-lasting traces focused on chorality without overdoing virtuosity. Modulations and layering of sounds are at the heart of the project, evolving the central theme of the tracks with increasing intensity in a constant musical crescendo. A recommended listen for lovers of the softer sounds of Post-Rock, with a modern touch and personal traits, between dreamy atmospheres and dilated sounds.


01. On A Wire (06:07)
02. Sad Guru (08:04)
03. Dead Fields (02:21)
04. Mad Motor (06:00)
05. Killing Spiders (05:48)
06. Memories (02:21)
07. Processions (18:54)


Jean-Baptiste Elineau / Bass, Electronics & Synthesizer (Killing Spiders)
Etienne Ertul / Electric Guitar, Keyboard, Piano (Sadguru & Memories), Bass & Electronics (Memories)
François Lamouret / Keyboard, Piano, Electric Guitar (Processions & On A Wire), Acoustic Guitar (Sadguru), Programmation (On A Wire & Dead Fields), Scratching (Killing Spiders)
David Vivès / Drums, 12 Strings Guitar (On A Wire & After You Hung Me)

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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