[Review] Breaking Fuel – Our EP

Breaking Fuel is a French duo that offers eclectic and well-structured, elaborate Rock with diverse influences. Since 2012 to date they have released several EPs, the latest of which “Our” is the second excerpt from the forthcoming full-length “Make Our Delay Great Again,” released on February 17, 2023 and containing 2 tracks. The opener “Bring me the Lights” is the longer of the two, exceeding 4 minutes and features a deep, load-bearing bass line that gives body to the sound. The vocals are dynamic and enveloping, while the drumming is solid and elaborate. The intensity increases as the track evolves with scratchy electric guitar inserts, ending the track in a musical crescendo enriched by effects. The seventh and final track “Animoil” features another driving bass line, distorted Garage-style guitars and an engaging choral vocal. A track that alternates between accelerations and then in the finale becomes more elaborate, with an energetic and engaging groove, it shows a different facet of the band’s sound. Two good tracks that leave us wanting to listen to the record when it comes out, an EP with solid and eclectic sounds, very engaging.


01. Bring me the Lights (04:14)
02. Animoil (03:39)


Maxime Barreau / Drums & Vocals and Additionnal Percussion
Antoine Dochier / Bass & Guitar with Fx and Backing Vocals

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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