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Capside is a historic band from Sardinia in Italy, offering Prog Rock sounds with Pop and Jazz influences. Since 2009 they have released 3 albums, the new “Ladyesis” was released on July 4, 2023 and contains 8 tracks, which like the previous ones was self-produced. The opening track “Di Notte (Ladyesis Pt.1)” is the first of two parts, immediately showing the band’s Prog attitude with Jazz and Pop influences. The female vocals are dynamic and very expressive, with a very convincing energetic and technical singing that fits perfectly with the band’s style. The intertwining guitar and keyboards create melodies with Jazz overtones, while the rhythm section is solid and elaborate. Granitic guitar riffs and a powerful rhythm section open “Dea,” which is the longest track in duration, exceeding six minutes. With the entry of vocals, the sound becomes softer and more elaborate, enriched with tempo changes and a fine orchestral keyboard background. The guitar offers solo inserts of fine workmanship, while singing and instrumental parts alternate, always keeping the intensity very high, and the track is enriched with markedly Prog passages that enhance the band’s compositional and performing technique. “A Mio Figlio,” on the other hand, is the shortest in duration, running just over three minutes, an emotional passage with pathos-laden lyrics. Dreamy atmospheres permeate the track, a dedication to her son full of emotion. Guitar arpeggios intertwined with keyboards characterise the intro to “Filastrocca Di Periferia,” to which is added a warm, expressive vocal. The band returns to show its more Prog side, with classic forays into Jazz and Pop, with elaborate textures, busy lyrics and continuous tempo changes and variations to the central theme well composed and executed. The singing is engaging and the music complex and accessible at the same time, with a good synth solo at the end of the track. A deep bass line intertwined with organ and synth opens “Termiti” with the drumming enhanced by percussion. Funky guitar works and solo keyboard inserts give an extra boost to the sound, on which a dynamic and intense vocal is inserted, as in the rest of the album. A retro touch projected into a fresh and modern context make the song original without losing the classic traits that fascinate lovers of the genre. “Un Altro Lunedì” begins with guitar arpeggios and a deep bass line, and then with a change immediately enters into the groove by developing a pop prog track. Softer in sound, with lyrics with lighter themes, but always well developed and interpreted with intensity. It becomes more elaborate as the minutes go by, with a guitar solo cue in the final part that accompanies us until the last sung verses and close. The second part of the title-track “Ladyesis (Pt.2)” develops the theme of the opener with distinctly Prog textures, an energetic rhythm section and fine guitar and keyboard work. Rhythmic and addictive, it is an entirely instrumental passage centred on the interweaving of keyboards and guitar, presenting a sound that traces the tradition of Italian Progressive Rock. The album ends with “Azazel” where the band presents a more heavy and dark atmospheric sound, with the vocals adding an Occult touch. Deep bass lines, continuous tempo changes with symphonic openings always keeping a darker touch, concluding with a gritty track. The guitar offers an interesting solo insert in the central instrumental section, accompanying us until the last verses and then closing by returning to the opening theme. A band that offers a Prog sound with original personal traits, in line with the Italian tradition of the genre, a country historically linked to this music. Vocal and instrumental parts alternate, making the tracks elaborate and accessible at the same time, with high-level soloist cues. A band that manages to bring the classic atmospheres of Italian prog into a modern, fresh and markedly personal context, creating a varied and intense tracklist from start to finish. A recommended listen for all lovers of Italian prog sounds, a band to follow in the future, which brings a breath of fresh air to the modern music scene.


01. Di Notte (Ladyesis Pt.1) (03:08)
02. Dea (06:07)
03. A Mio Figlio (03:01)
04. Filastrocca Di Periferia (05:05)
05. Termiti (04:12)
06. Un Altro Lunedì (04:12)
07. Ladyesis (Pt.2) (04:04)
08. Azazel (05:31)


Valentina Casu / Vocals
Manolo Ciuti / Bass
Roberto Casada / Drums
Martino Faedda / Guitars
Giovanni Casa / Keyboards

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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