[Review] Cholo Visceral – Live at Woodstaco

Cholo Visceral is a band from Lima, Peru that offers a Heavy Psych sound with Space and Progressive influences. Instrumental and embellished by woodwinds, this Peruvian band is also making itself known for the quality of its lives. Numerous participations in the various concerts and festivals organized by the prolific movement that was created in the country, giving life to a true cult for this musical current. In one of these live appearances, Cholo Visceral recorded the album “Live At Woodstaco 2018.” The Festival held between 12 and 14 January 2018, which was attended by over 100 bands divided into four stages, confirmed the quality of the band. The name of the festival derives from the merger between Woodstock and Enaco, as a group of friends, including Felipe “Enaco” Salas, decided in 2008 to organize a party with music. From here the festival is born and Felipe, who adapted the patio of his home with a stage and lights, gave his name to the festival that followed. 11 years have passed since then, and today the event is spread over several days and hosts many artists. The recording we are going to analyze consists of four tracks, originally published only in Digital and in 12 “vinyl in a limited edition of 200 copies on October 20, 2018. Produced by Necio Records, it was reprinted October 20, 2019. The performance opens with “Menu de 4,” which starts immediately with an influential Progressive theme. In the initial phase, the guitar is the protagonist with a powerful and elaborate rhythmic session. The woodwinds enter with a soft flute, which offers outstanding pastoral inserts and embellishes the melodies. More powerful moments alternate, with the dizzy rhythm of the drum and a penetrating bass. Others calmer and sometimes melodic, the guitar offers sharp riffs and at times psychedelics, excellent improvisation moments. Here with a dark guitar riff start “Kion.” The bass makes the rib cage vibrate, then the track evolves with Prog influences, and the flute also enters. So more Space and Psychedelic, the harmony between the musicians is palpable and the guitar takes us to another dimension. In the end the intensity increases and with the return of the initial theme, the piece ends with the applause of the audience. The third song “Silvia Escarmiento” shows the most cosmic facet of their sound, with a rhythm drawn in the first part. In the middle, it transforms itself, time slows down and the journey can continue, on melancholic tones with guitar and keyboards that create melodies coming from space. The main theme returns in the final phase, and the public deserve the band. So we come to the last track of the show “Luzbel / La Rataza,” with a powerful and incisive repeated guitar riff, supported by a fast rhythm session. Here we are in a more psychedelic terrain with flute and guitar that constantly dialogue on the keyboard layers. The song is full of energy and there is no pause, an excellent test mixing power, psychedelic and improvisation in an optimal manner. A recording that shows the qualities of the band in live sessions, and the audience confirm this with shouts of approval. The renewed line-up is well-established and tight-knit and proves it. The sound is solid, and everyone contributes to improve its success. Another good release for Necio Records, an album that highlith the genre proposed by the label, a high-quality mixture of Space/Psychedelia with Prog and improvisation.


Side A:

1. Menú de 4
2. Kión

Side B:

3. Silvia Escarmiento
4. Luzbel / La Rataza


Manuel Villavicencio / Fretless Bass
Arturo Quispe Velarde / Drums
Kevin Lara / Guitar
Beto Cerquera / Keyboards & Effects
Carlos Jiménez / Transverse Flute

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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