[Review] Cinétiqua – Crossing Borders EP

The young and eclectic French band Cinétiqua, which blends different facets of Prog music through their personal style, returns with a new EP. Entitled “Crossing Borders,” it was released on May 05, 2023 and contains six medium-length tracks that continue the musical discourse of previous releases. Soft twists of guitar and flute arpeggios open “If You Want” and then develop elaborate textures enriched by tempo changes and phrasing between instruments. The choral vocal parts are very cohesive, while in the instrumental sections solo inserts and interlacing are developed. The band immediately plunges us into the musical atmosphere of the album with dynamic and elaborate Progressive Rock. Gentle acoustic guitar arpeggios open “Everything Is Gonna Happen,” the longest track on the album, which exceeds eight minutes. It slowly increases in intensity with the entrance of the rhythm section and a pleasant flute melody, showing the band’s more Folk Prog side. The atmospheres and melodies are upbeat and engaging, with the rhythm section enriching itself with continuous tempo changes. In a continuous musical crescendo, the band develops the track, alternating more energetic passages with dreamy, symphonic openings. In the middle section, the guitar takes centre stage with a technical solo, before returning to the central theme with the sweet sound of the flute. The harder guitar riffs intertwine well with the flute. The second part develops a soft, enveloping sound that accompanies us to the finale, enveloping the listener in its dreamy atmospheres. “Clown” is another long track, exceeding seven minutes with an Oriental touch in the melodies. The sound is delicate, enveloping and alternates between softer passages and increases in intensity, always very elaborate and with technical tempo changes and phrasing. A song with markedly personal traits, where the band’s compositional and performing technique comes to the fore. The guitar solos in the second part are good, in a musical crescendo that incorporates elements of Fusion and more Heavy traits. Returning to the Oriental atmospheres of the opening, the song concludes very pleasantly. One of the album’s rare vocal parts is found in “Agony,” an intense and pathos-laden track. It has melancholic traits and a succession of continuous tempo changes and elaborate passages, with interesting lead guitar cues and good extended instrumental sections. In an alternation of vocal and instrumental parts, the track offers a second part in a crescendo, full of pathos, and then ends softly. The more Jazzy side of the band is shown in “Powder Antipodes,” distinguished by a soft and elaborate first part. At times the intensity increases, but overall the song is developed on softer, enveloping sounds with instrumental parts and solo inserts of absolute value. The EP ends with “Yakatasi,” which offers a mix of rock and traditional music also in the vocal parts. energetic and engaging, with good guitar inserts, enhancing a different aspect of the band’s sound. Pleasant this mixture, which cheerfully concludes the album, a rhythmic track full of interesting passages. In the second part there is room for a section of traditional music with percussion and flute with a Mediterranean feel. an enjoyable listen, with engaging passages and more technical and elaborate ones that blend together to create a varied and intense tracklist from start to finish. Predominantly instrumental, with a good amalgam between horns, keyboards and guitar, a solid rhythm section enriched by tempo changes. An album for lovers of fresh and modern Prog sounds, with a personal style that incorporates Jazz, Folk and Prog traits.


01. If You Want (5:15)
02. Everything Is Gonna Happen (8:08)
03. Clown (7:30)
04. Agony (5:01)
05. Powder Antipodes (4:51)
06. Yakatasi (4:28)


Georges-Thomas Châteaureynaud / Bass 
Raphaël Berrien / Guitar 
Arthur Ouvrard / Flute, Keyboard, Arrangement, Mix 
Raju / Drums, Keyboard, Composition 

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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