[Review] Cinétiqua – Moonrise on Ayaros

The French Jazz/Prog/Rock band Cinétiqua released their self-produced EP titled “Moonrise on Ayaros” on January 15, 2020. Composed of 3 medium-length instrumental tracks, which highlight their technical skills. The opener “Ayaros” starts with a tight Fusion style rhythm, distorted guitar riffs and support keyboards. The song comes to life with the melodies focused on keyboards and flute mainly, which takes the scene embellishing the sound. In the central part the rhythm slows down creating a more Jazz Rock section with excellent flute inserts. A good solo intertwined with keyboards and guitar, the rhythm that returns fast and the track closes. “Cool Dawn” begins in calmer tones with a light drum, guitar background and flute. A sampled voice enters and with a change the track increases the intensity, with guitar and flute alternating in creating the main melodies. The rhythmic session is softer than the previous one but still elaborate and smooth. A guitar and a rhythm reminiscent of Funky begin “Cronos cave,” the last song of the EP. In continuous evolution and with the intensity that increases with passaging the time, in the central part the guitar draws an excellent solo. The bass is incisive and load-bearing for the entire duration of the track, the drum is very elaborate and in the second part the keyboards create a positive melody. With the return to the initial theme the song closes. A good EP, which highlights the technique of young French, offering three tracks with a fresh and engaging sound. More Jazz than Prog, with Fusion references and Rock traits, lovers of such sounds will certainly appreciate it. A second EP is also coming in 2020 for this band, which will surely make people talk about themselves positively in the future.


1. Ayaros (05:35)
2. Cool Dawn (05:24)
3. Chronos Cave (06:08)


Georges-Thomas Châteaureynaud / Bass 
Raphaël Berrien / Guitar 
Arthur Ouvrard / Flute, Keyboard, Arrangement, Mix 
Raju / Drums, Keyboard, Composition 

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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