[Review] Closet Disco Queen & The Flying Raclettes – Omelette du Fromage

Closet Disco Queen & The Flying Raclettes is a project born from the collaboration between Luc Hess & Jonathan Nido with Kevin Galland & Chadi Messmer. This record was the result of a project initiated by Palp Festival, where inside an abandoned school Closet Disco Queen they set up a mobile recording studio and in 15 days they recorded the album. The album title is a vibrant hommage to “The Big Cheese” episode of Cartoon Network‘s animated series “Dexter’s laboratory” from 1996. In this episode, Dexter ends up becoming worldwide famous, giving public speeches and being a celebrity just by saying “Omelette du Fromage. ” The album released on September 3, 2021 via Hummus Records contains 7 tracks lasting between 3 and 12 minutes. The “Melolo-Aromatomat” opener is a solid Rock track made up of massive guitar riffs and a solid pulled rhythm session. In the central part a change transforms the song with atmospheric effects, very close to the Krautrock sounds, with a dark touch. In the finale the rhythmic session returns and the track closes with dilated crescendo melodies. “Glutentag” is characterized by guitar weaves and a hypnotic and penetrating distorted bass with a solid and well structured drum. The intensity increases with the passage of the song, made of repeated and enveloping sounds with acidic distorted guitars and Psychedelic traits. The following “Flugensaft” follows the style of the previous one with more powerful sounds, but with a similar structure and setting. An added value are the tempo changes in the central part, which transform the piece for a short, softer section. In the second part it develops between dizzying riffs and guitar solo inserts that intertwine. “Goussepaille” is one of the two shorter tracks on the album, with a more classic rock structure and continuous tempo changes that enhance the sound. Everything revolves around the guitar and the ever-changing rhythm session, with good ideas well developed and executed. “Spartacuisse” presents an intricate rhythmic session made up of rapid changes, between well-balanced accelerations and decelerations, while the guitar intertwines powerful riffs with sharper inserts. The final part is more technical with articulated passages that guide us towards the final. The other shorter track “Flugantaj Raketoj” features frantic guitar riffs and continuous acceleration alternating with softer openings and sophisticated passages. At times Heavy is a concentrate of tempo and power changes with personal traits. The final track “Gigadodane” is the longest on the record, exceeding 12 minutes in duration. It starts with a percussive drum, almost reminiscent of a tribal dance, on which a penetrating distorted bass and guitar inserts in the distance are inserted. The melodies rich in effects create a lysergic atmosphere and with the passage of the song the solo parts of the guitar are outlined. A song halfway between Acid Rock and Kraurock, with repeated sounds that envelop and guide us in this journey full of details and effects that mixes the past and present of the genre. The second part of the song, in addition to interesting solo ideas, is enriched by tempo changes, the guitar is at the center of the scene and the disc ends pleasantly. An instrumental album that combines multiple styles, passing from the most acidic Psychedelia to Krautrock and classic Rock, managing to create a good balance. A listening recommended for lovers of sounds focused on the guitar, with a solid and sometimes tight rhythm session, combining the classic style of the 60s / 70s with a modern and personal touch. The opening and closing of the disc in my opinion are the best moments of the album, where I found a greater incisiveness, in the complex a good listening.


1. Melolo-Aromatomat (08:11)
2. Glutentag (04:48)
3. Flugensaft (03:41)
4. Goussepaille (03:09)
5. Spartacuisse (03:24)
6. Flugantaj Raketoj (03:09)
7. Gigadodane (12:27)


Closet Disco Queen are: Luc Hess & Jonathan Nido
The Flying Raclettes are : Kevin Galland & Chadi Messmer

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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