[Review] Coogans Bluff – Metronopolis

Coogans Bluff is a German band founded in Rostock in 2003 and with a couple of albums under its belt. Last of which “Metronopolis” published on January 24, 2020 for Nois-o-lution Records and containing 8 tracks. The style of the band is a Progressive Rock with retro features, in particular reminiscent of the sounds of the early Chicago, with an original and modern touch. The forays into different genres increase the value of the album, lively when needed and calm and expressive in other traits. Woodwinds take the sound to another level, even if the band certainly does not lack technique and quality, with instrumental sections and sung parts that alternate perfectly. Songs like the initial “Gadfly”, “Zephyr” or “Creatures of the light” are more aggressive with forays into modern Heavy Prog/Psych, with heavier rhythms and riffs. The rhythmic sessions and the melodies are refined and never banal, at times intricate, showing an excellent technical mastery. The vocal is reminiscent of that of the bands of the ‘70s, ductile and which best adapts to the various phases of the disc, both in the most melodic moments and in the most aggressive detachments. Softer pieces such as “Hit and run” still show a solid structure and instrumental sections worthy of note, especially in the wind inserts. “Soft focus” has a remarkable psychedelic charge, with the darker features typical of Stoner, showing how the band moves from positive atmospheres to darker ones with ease. The album then closes with the two parts of the song “The turn” different from each other, the former more experimental and dark, the latter softer and more cheerful in the melodies, both very elaborate. An album that shows a retro but original sound, the two things seem to be in antithesis, but this band gives a modern and personal touch to a typical genre of the ‘70s. Well-structured and executed with quality and technique, it confirms the good things proposed by the band previously. I recommend listening to all lovers of Progressive sounds with a retro style, without missing a modern and personal touch. This band and this album will surely be talked about positively.


1. Gadfly (03:22)
2. Sincerely Yours (04:15)
3. Zephyr (07:02)
4. Hit And Run (05:12)
5. Creatures Of The Night (03:23)
6. Soft Focus (07:19)
7. The Turn I (05:23)
8. The Turn II (04:22)


Charlie Paschen / Drums, Vocals, Farfisa, Mellotron 
Clemens Marasus / Vocals, Bass Guitar 
Willi Paschen / Electric Guitars, Acoustic Guitars 
Max Thum / Saxophone 
Stefan Meinking / Trombone, Moog 

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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