[Review] Cydonia – Stations

Cydonia is a five-piece German band playing Progressive Rock sounds. The debut album “Stations” was released on December 16, 2022 and contains three studio tracks and two live tracks, all of them long, including a suite of over 14 minutes. The opener “Way to Cydonia” immediately shows how the band offers a classic prog sound with a modern and personal approach. Fine keyboard and guitar interlacing, a solid and elaborate rhythm section enriched by continuous tempo changes. The vocals are warm and expressive, alternating with long instrumental sections where the band enhances their technique both compositional and performing. A symphonic, dreamy piano intro opens “Where is the Silence?” over which an intense vocal enters. It is the shortest track in duration and develops with softer sounds, evolving the central theme on keyboards and vocals. “Union of Souls” is the album’s third and final studio track, an epic suite of over 14 minutes that begins with fine guitar arpeggios. Keyboards and vocals are added, and the first part flows pleasantly and with symphonic traits, then with a change gives way to a beautifully crafted instrumental section. The guitar offers well-constructed solo inserts, the bass creates a deep, load-bearing bassline, and the song increases in intensity as the minutes go by, between solo parts and other choral parts where all the performers show off. With a continuous alternation of very intense vocal and instrumental parts, tempo changes, and the entire length of time exploited to evolve the theme of the suite, this track is definitely a carrier for this album. The first of the two live tracks “Caravan of Slaves” features a march in the introductory part, then evolves with oriental atmospheres. The rhythm section is solid and very elaborate and the bass player is introduced first, who offers a brief solo cue. The song develops into a musical crescendo with long instrumental textures with the organ and the other components in evidence. The album ends with “Already There” recorded live, featuring a deep vocal in the opening part. The track evolves by alternating very intense instrumental and vocal parts, while the structure of the song is very elaborate and full of high-level cues. This track also increases in intensity as the minutes pass, accompanying us towards the finale in a continuous dynamic and involving musical crescendo. This album is very interesting, a good debut for the band that manages to bring classic Prog Rock sounds into a fresh and modern context. The retro imprinting is combined with the modern sounds of the genre, with intense vocal parts and long instrumentals that enhance the technique of the artists involved. A recommended listen for all lovers of Prog Rock sounds, with all the characteristics a lover of the genre looks for when buying a record.


01. Way to Cydonia (07:41)
02. Where is the Silence? (05:12)
03. Union of Souls (14:26)
04. Caravan of Slaves (live) (08:48)
05. Already There (live) (08:11)


Michael Bernauer / Vocals
Rainer Dück / Guitars
Dirk Fenchel / Drums
Oliver Gerike / Bass, Acoustic Guitar, Bass-Pedals, Backing Vocals
Daniel Perrey / Keyboards, Backing Vocals

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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