[Review] Dawnwalker – Ages

Dawnwalker is an Experimental Metal band formed in London in 2012, featuring a revolving cast of musicians but spearheaded by lead songwriter Mark Norgate. Their music blends Modern Metal with Folk and Progressive influences into a sound all of their own. They released three EPs and four Full-Lengths, the latest being the self-produced “Ages,” released on December 4, 2020 and containing 8 mostly long-lasting tracks. The sound of the band revolves mainly around Post-Metal, the skeleton around which they develop and insert their ideas and influences Prog, Folk and more extreme Metal. We must not be discouraged by the length of the tracks, almost all over ten minutes, during which they develop their sound concept, at times a little pachydermic. It is all very dilated, despite the tempo changes and the various influences that then make up the sound, which in my opinion if developed in a more direct and concise way would be more incisive and less dispersive. The vocal alternates squeaky parts with other cleans, resulting in less incisive, better in the choral parts and overall it is an improvement aspect that would add quality to the album. The atmospheres tend to be dark, while in the tempo changes it becomes harsh at times by accelerating and in other inserts Doom influences appear. With the necessary precautions, the leap in quality could take place with tranquility, giving more visibility to a band that until now has remained a little hidden in the Underground, despite its potential. In my opinion, one of the best moments of the album is the final track, more direct and incisive and less dispersive. The positive ideas are there and the individual technique too, but unfortunately they remain an end in themselves, giving a glimpse of the goal but without reaching it. The prerequisites are all there for in the future to propose superior quality albums, giving the artists involved the right placement, achieved but only partially.


01. Melekh (02:35)
02. The Wheel (10:57)
03. Hymn (01:00)
04. Ancient Sands (12:41)
05. Numi (01:25)
06. Burning Forests (11:01)
07. Colony / A Gathering (10:56)
08. The Cataclysm (05:25)


Mark Norgate / Vocals, Guitars, Synths
Dane Cross / Bass, Vocals
Matteo Bianciotto / Guitars
Hugo Terva / Drums
Robin Melinda Koob / Vocals
Caitlin Laing / Flute

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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