[Review] Decasia – An Endless Feast For Hyenas

Decasia is a Heavy Psych power trio originally from France, which released a good debut EP and single in 2021, and this year presents its first full-length. “An Endless Feast For Hyenas” was released on April 05, 2022 via Heavy Psych Sounds Records and contains 10 tracks. A blend of Heavy Psychedelia, Rock, Prog and Krautrock with medium-long length tracks that allow you to enhance both the vocal and instrumental parts. The opener “Illion” is an impactful track, combining Space Rock sounds with modern Stoner with good guitar work and a solid rhythm session. The vocal is dynamic and engaging and the sound is a fair compromise between the classic sounds of the genre and the personal and modern traits of the band. “Hrosshveli’s Ode” begins with dark atmospheres and enveloping vocals, while the intensity increases with the passage of the song until it reaches the Proto-Metal sounds. The guitar takes center stage with sharp riffs and inserts, while the solid rhythm session offers a granite blend of drumming and driving bass lines. The next interlude “Altostratus” is a very energetic, short but intense 1:24 minute passage with engaging rhythms and melodies. “Cloud Sultan” alternates darker and slower passages with openings and accelerations that release all the power of the band, while the vocals envelop us. A successful concentrate of Heavy Psychedelia, with within it all the elements that are sought in tracks of the genre, where the guitar is enhanced by riffs and solo plots. A hypnotic bass line opens “Override” a track that develops with a solid rhythm session and dirty guitar riffs and a dynamic choral vocal. The Heavy sounds blend at times Garage and Psychedelic and the sound is energetic and rhythmic, with solo guitar cues in the central part and successful tempo changes. One of the tracks that best express the band’s blend of genres and styles is “Skeleton Void” with a killer bass-line and accelerated drumming. The guitar and the vocal complete this successful piece, which enhances the band’s technique in all its aspects, it will be interesting to listen to this track live. “Soft Was The Night” is another short-lived interlude, characterized by more acidic and trippy sounds. A guitar arpeggio and deep bass line open “Laniakea Falls” which is the longest track on the album, over 7 minutes long. A track that develops slowly, mixing the Stoner features with the more Prog ones of the band, an excellent intertwining between bass and drum, giving life to a valuable rhythmic session. The guitar offers a convincing proof with recycled work and engaging riffs, as well as the lead parts, the vocal is dynamic and adapts well to the various situations of the song. “Sunrise” is a slow moving track loaded with power and heavy riffs on a rock rhythmic session, while the vocal envelops the listener. Enriched by tempo changes, it is constantly evolving with a more accelerated and energetic second part with drawn and engaging guitar solo cues. The album ends with the title track “Hyenas At The Gates” characterized by ambient sounds and an acoustic guitar and a vocal full of effects, very well modulated. A good debut for this band that manages to propose an album in line with the modern releases of the genre and references to the past mixed with their personal traits. A solid drumming and supporting bass lines, the guitar at the center of the scene with engaging riffs and refined solo parts and a dynamic vocal that adapts to the various tracks with ease. A listening recommended to all lovers of the heavier sounds of modern Psychedelia, it will be interesting to listen to this live band, for what is proposed here they have energy and character.


01. Illion (03:16)
02. Hrosshveli’s Ode (04:54)
03. Altostratus (01:24)
04. Cloud Sultan (05:31)
05. Override (05:45)
06. Skeleton Void (06:56)
07. Soft Was The Night (01:15)
08. Laniakea Falls (07:24)
09. Sunrise (06:05)
10. Hyenas At The Gates (03:16)


Maxime Richard / Guitar and Vocals
Fabien Proust / Bass
Geoffrey Riberry / Drums

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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