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Egor Lappo is a Russian composer and multi-instrumentalist who offers powerful and elaborate modern Progressive Metal sounds. The new album “Naturealism” was released on April 08, 2022 and contains 10 medium length tracks, featuring Francicsco Meza and Alex Parkinson as guests. The album opens with “Unreal” a short introductory track, characterized by tight and powerful sounds that immediately immerse us in the atmosphere of the disc. The following “Invisible Walls” ties into the opener and begins with massive guitar riffs intertwining with keyboards and a solid, energetic rhythm session. The vocal is dynamic and interprets the various phases of the track well, developed between tempo changes with accelerations and symphonic openings with fresh and modern sounds. “Forgone Future” combines the melodic prog sounds with the artist’s personal touch, with a softer imprint than the previous one, where there is no lack of tempo changes. Good mixes between guitar and keyboard and in the central part the increase in intensity and the more elaborate developments of the track in the second part. With a tight and powerful intro “Lack of Gravity” opens, a more accelerated track than the previous ones with virtuous interlacing of guitar and keyboard that blend with the most melodic features of Egor’s sound. The vocal is intense and the tempo changes add value to the sound, which develops the piece with a more instrumental and technical second part. Dreamy keyboard melodies start “Starlight” more delicate than the previous one and close to Prog Rock with a marked melodic imprinting. A track that softens the tones between the intense Metal rides of the album, showing a softer aspect of the artist’s sound. “Star Station” is a short interlude with interlacing of orchestrations and electric guitar that leads us to the next track. “Dawn Tracer” sees the participation of Meza on the guitar, with intense duets with Egor and a sound full of pathos. A track that echoes the sonority of the first part of the disc, with a good guest solo insert in the second part. With a heavier and more technical sound “Crepuscular” is characterized by a tight drumming and the more Metal sounds of the artist that blend with the melodic features. Good musical textures and tempo changes, with a second part with soloist inserts of fine workmanship. “The Cradle of Space Exploration,” continuing on the heavier and sometimes darker sounds of the artist, shows a more technical and virtuous side of Egor’s sound. Enriched by the changes of tempo and by refined solitary cues, this track enhances the entire compositional and executive technique of the artist. The album ends with the tiel-track “Naturealism” a track that summarizes all the distinctive features of Egor’s sound, combining heavier sections with more melodic ones. The tempo changes allow the artist to wander through all the styles of Metal that characterize the sound, an intense piece with refined and technical ideas. A good album if we think that the is a one-man project, where Egor Lappo composes and plays all the instrumental parts as well as singing. An album that combines melodic traits with technical and virtuous Prog metal passages, with an intense and dynamic vocal and a solid and powerful sound. A listening recommended for lovers of the more melodic sounds of Prog Metal that blend with the more technical and modern ones, pleasant and elaborate from start to finish.


01. Unreal (01:27)
02. Invisible Walls (04:35)
03. Forgone Future (03:51)
04. Lack of Gravity (03:55)
05. Starlight (04:49)
06. Star Station (00:54)
07. Dawn Tracer (feat. Francisco Meza) (04:56)
08. Crepuscular (04:12)
09. The Cradle of Space Exploration (04:43)
10. Naturealism (06:55)


Egor Lappo / Music, Vocals, Lyrics, Mixing, Mastering
Francisco Meza / Guitar solo on “Dawn Tracer
Alex Parkinson / Gang vocals on “Lack of Gravity

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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