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The Mexican band Ekos was born in 2008 as a cover band of groups such as Pink Floyd, dream Theater and Porcupine Tree plus other non-progressive bands such as Radiohead. Found a stable line-up in 2010, they start composing their own music, publishing their debut in 2012 with “Luz Interna,” followed by “Otra Dimensión” from 2017. The third work “Instinto” comes out on January 1, 2020, self-produced and available on CD and Digital Download, it’s made by 6 medium-long tracks. The opener “Vuelve a mirar” begins with electronic sounds and a repeated and penetrating drum-kick, the track comes alive with a more linear structure. Bass is load-bearing with deep lines, the high-pitched and not too incisive voice, while the music is rhythmic and powerful, with synth and guitar that guide the sound. “Fiel obsesion” begins with a rhythmic and a Funky, good layers of keyboards and the double vocal with a voice more expressive and warm than the other which remains as acute as in the previous one. An easy-listening song that favors the vocal parts and the “song” structure more than the musical part. “Mi vida en ti” built in the initial part on a dark base with modern sounds, and then transformed into a more melodic and soft Prog song. The guitar guides the sound with a background of more electronic sounds and strong inserts. “Creando vacios” is the longest song on the album, almost 15 minutes long, starting with a powerful drum and massive guitar riffs. Synth and guitar dialogue on Heavy melodies before muffling the tones and slowing down with the entry of the vocal. The tempo changes are continuous and enhance the sound, with the synth offering an excellent solo in the first instrumental section. In the central part the intensity increases with guitar and organ at the center of the scene, an excellent tempo change brings us to the second vocal section, where calm returns and the guitar offers a nice solo. The sound returns aggressive and powerful, closing with a pleasant long-lasting instrumental section. “En-contraste” is a track with acoustic and vocal guitar in the first half, then the instruments enter, remaining a pleasant passage with two voices. After the long and epic previous track, it softens the tones showing some slight influence of Pink Floyd, one of the band chosen in the covers of the beginning of their career. “Mi ultima voz” starts again with acoustic guitar, this time dark and arpeggiated with a nice warm and expressive vocal. It remains a soft and symphonic song, where in the end increase intensity and rhythm with powerful drum sounds. It closes the song and disc with a synth and a similar base to electronics. An overall pleasant album, where except for the long track “Creando vacios” the Progressive component is a bit light. Listening is pleasant and smooth, where lovers of Prog or Space sonorities, as the band is defined, will find the most interesting ideas in the longest track. The band has its own distinctive and well-defined melodic style, the disc is well executed, still being a recommended listening even if not totally Progressive.


1. Vuelve a Mirar (6:01)
2. Fiel Obsesion (4:39)
3. Mi Vida en Ti (4:31)
4. Creando Vacios (14:43)
5. En – Contraste (5:14)
6. Mi Ultima Voz (8:29)


Jesús Torres / Guitar, Vocals
Ana Camelo / Keyboards, Vocals
Victor Juárez / Bass
Carlos Clériga / Drums, Percussion

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

2 thoughts on “[Review] Ekos – Instinto

  1. An excellent album which expands the range of sounds and styles covered by Ekos, which has become one of Mexico’s best and most talked-about bands. A must!

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