[Review] Esthesis – Raising hands EP

Esthesis is a project by the French multi-instrumentalist Aurélien Goude, created in 2013, proposing a Prog sound that mixes different influences. ‘70s British Rock, film score, ambient, Metal and Pop mix together giving life to the sound of Esthesis. The first EP “Raising Hands” was released in February 2019 via Synestic Records and available on CD and Digital Download. The opener “Raising Hands (pt. 1)” is the first of the two parts of the track that give the title to the EP, an introductory piece with atmospheric guitar and keyboards and a deep bass. Pleasantly he guides us towards “Raising Hands (pt.2)” with harder tones. It starts with hard guitar riffs and a solid rhythmic session, the vocal effect and the orchestral keyboards in support. After a first singed part, with a change we enter in an instrumental dreamy section, with different tempo changes and a good guitar solo that takes us to the end. “Sleepers” begins with melodies and intricate rhythm, the vowel always with effects is pleasant and expressive. The tones are more Funk, with high-level hammond inserts, in the central part begins to increase the intensity. In the second part the theme is developed entirely instrumental, giving space to the tools to better express themselves on the theme of the track. “Hunger” begins with another very elaborate rhythmic session, however the tones are darker, the guitar harder and the piercing bass. Continuous time changes, orchestrations that are inserted increasing dark tones, disturbing tracts with guitar and keyboards that develop a solo intertwined in the end. A good instrumental track with pleasant ideas. “Silent Call” is the longest on the disc, and begins with a long organ background, melancholic as the rhythm session and the voice that enters. Around 4 minutes the central instrumental section begins, and then a short sung verse returns. In the second part, a long instrumental section on melancholic atmospheres with keyboards and guitars that duet on a carpet of organ layers. A good debut, with good ideas, immediately giving the address to the sound, a mix between dark sounds and technique and processing. Listening recommended for lovers of modern Prog sounds with melancholic tones and wide instrumental spaces. Waiting for their first album, scheduled for 2020, I suggest the listening of this EP there are several interesting traits.


01.Raising Hands (Pt 1)(02:49)
02.Raising Hands (Pt 2)(08:18)
05.Silent Call(09:12)


Charles ThumloupBass
Aurélien GoudeKeyboards, Vocals, Lap Steel
Yann PoussetDrums
David DelavoipiereGuitars

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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