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Evership, the project of the multi-instrumentalist Shane Atkinson, after the good debut album, publishes October 19, 2018 “II” via Atkinson Productions. Containing 5 tracks, available on CD and Digital Download, the musical discourse of the previous one continues more mature. In addition to the band built by Atkinson, they feature several guests and an orchestra of 4 elements to embellish the lineup. The opener “The serious room” is a song recorded live at RoSFest 2017, with bass lines guiding the groove. A linear rhythm of drums and melodies of synth trumpets and atmospheric keyboard layers. The guitar draws both acoustic and electric solos, dominating the sound. A particular choice is atypical for Evership to propose a live track, but still a pleasant track. “Monomyth” begins with a hypnotic bass and rhythmic drum drums, solid guitar riffs and a great vocal. A song with an eclectic and elaborate structure, with excellent synth inserts, after the first more rhythmic phase, a section with delightful more symphonic melodies. The keyboards create an excellent carpet, the time changes are constant and lead us to a central acoustic section with the voice that takes the scene in hand. In the end a sudden change leads us to an instrumental section with a high energy content and the piece ends in an atmospheric crescendo. “Real or imaginated” is characterized by a more acoustic intro, with the protagonist guitar and a passionate vocal. The rhythmic session is soft and cheerful, with a sudden change between hard and other acoustic inserts. The lead guitar draws nice inserts between the sung verses and the track is more Rock. “Wanderer” is a symphonic piece of exquisite workmanship, starting with orchestrations, and then turning into a sweet theme. Piano and voice create soft melodies, the development creates an atmosphere that seems to come from the best pop singers of the 70s. Despite being a more sung song, an epic introduction and light guitar and synth solos are not missing, without invading the space of West’s wonderful vocal interpretation. We reached the highlight of the album, an epic suite of over 28 minutes divided into 6 sections, which tell the story of the title “The isle of the broken tree.” The orchestrations create the pompous melodies of the overture, which insert us in the song, which begins with a layer of keyboards, guitar arpeggios and West’s vocal melodies, an added value. A flute is inserted, which adds to the happy melodies giving a pastoral touch, the vocal is really exciting. For 7 minutes a soft atmosphere is maintained, so you can increase the intensity with the input of all the instruments, with the l synth creating excellent inserts. In the central phase the sounds are stronger with massive riffs and the vocal closest to the hard rock, a noteworthy thematic evolution. One thing to note is the versatility of Atkinson both keyboardist and drummer, in both cases with quality. Another characteristic is the choral nature of the sound, except for some solo here and there, a sound is preferred more than together, and when the soloists come into play they do it with impeccable precision. This epic suite has nothing to envy to others listened to by more noble groups, a solid rhythmic session, high-level guitars both in the acoustic and electric phases, the keyboards embellish the work and the voice that fits perfectly in the various styles. The structure is the development are engaging and it is a pleasure to listen to songs like this, a half hour spent well. A band and an album that with a better managed production, would make this work a masterpiece. Atkinson alone takes care of everything, in a sublime manner, it would have a greater appreciation and visibility. It’s all well written and executed and my final judgment on the album is extremely positive. Recommended for lovers of the old-fashioned Progressive, an exceptional album that has not received and does not return the right recognition. A masterpiece of Neo Prog, which if properly produced, would become an absolute pillar of the genre.


1. The Serious Room (Live RoSFest 2017) (7:52)
2. Monomyth (10:44)
3. Real or Imagined (8:17)
4. Wanderer (7:39)
5. Isle of the Broken Tree (28:27) :
– I. Castaway
– II. Meadow of Shades
– III. My Father’s Friend
– IV. Hall of Visions
– V. My Own Worst Enemy
– VI. The Tree and the Door


Beau West / Lead Vocals
James Atkinson / Lead Guitars
John Rose / Lead, Rhythm, Classical & Slide Guitars
Shane Atkinson / Keyboards, Drums, Percussion, Vocals, Composer, Arranger, Programming & Production
Ben Young / Bass, Chapman Stick

Joel Grumblatt / Drums (1)
Jesse Hardin / Guitar Solo (1)
Mike Priebe / Backing Vocals
Amelia West / Backing Vocals
The Charles Heimermann Chorale

Orchestra Section
Allison Cowan
Asa Graham Hartley
Nicelle Priebe
Gracie Staggenborg
Emily Walsh

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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