[Review] From The Dust Returned – A seven days long wait

From The Dust Returned are an Italian Progressive Rock / Metal band formed in Rome in 2015. After the publication of an EP in 2017 “Homecoming,” on March 20 2020 their first self-produced full-length “A seven days long wait” was released containing 10 tracks. The band’s sound style ranges from Heavy Prog and Metal with extensive use of keyboards, distorted guitars, a solid rhythmic session and a vocal that alternates clean vocals with effects and melodies with a light dark touch. The first track of the album “Where it all began” is an introduction with atmospheric keyboard sounds and a vocal effected in the finale, which accompanies us towards “Mother’s womb.” The acoustic guitar, a mid tempo and the synth on which a warm and expressive voale stands out immerse us in the atmosphere of the album, full of progressive ideas with references to the past. The intensity increases with the passage of the song, enriched by tempo changes and layers of keyboards that transform in the central part into a Heavy Prog theme of fine workmanship between distortions, gloomy and whispered voices and organ openings. In the end the calm and the vocal returns and the song closes. “A narrow passage” begins with a tight rhythm and organ and electric guitar that duet with power and energy, the vocal is hypnotic and effected and fits perfectly on the music. The keyboard openings are very reminiscent of the style of the Heavy Prog bands of the ’70s, the guitar offers a good starting point in the central part followed by the keyboards and a load-bearing bass. “A seven days long wait” is the title track and starts with atmospheric noises given by the instruments, then slowly gets to the heart with percussion and keyboards. Slower than the previous one, it soon turns into an intricate song full of tempo changes on which an alternating vocal between clean and effects enters, creating an aura of mystery both in the music and in the very suggestive singing. The crescendo ending is closer to Metal than Rock and shows one of the facets of the band with technique and quality. A short 1:27 passage is “Herald’s choice” with effects and piano, softens the tones and guides us to the next track. “Tears” begins with an acoustic guitar and an impressive layer of keyboards with dark tones like the vocal, between more powerful openings and calmer and darker moments the track is full of tempo and intensity changes. In the second part it accelerates and increases the rhythm, with excellent synth inserts intertwined with organ and guitar in pure Prog style, one of the best tracks on the disc. “Porcelain cup” after a calm and dark start with a half-made voice, an imposing change of pace brings us back to the grounds of Heavy with technique and decision. The vocal becomes aggressive like the music that alternates more powerful changes and more intricate and calm openings, another excellent song. “White noise” has an atmospheric intro of a couple of minutes and then with a quick change offer a track straddling Metal and Prog in the style to which this disc has accustomed us in previous tracks. A modern and personal version of the Heavy Prog, tyra more powerful influences and pleasant personal characters including a jazzy change. “The undertow” starts with an effected sound of bells, and then gives life to a dark and energetic song and at times more symphonic and positive. The interchange between styles is managed very well and once again the band shows technique and quality with all the leading instruments, here the strong and powerful guitar stands out. An atmospheric outro of just over a minute closes the album “The end of the beginning“. An album and a band that show clear ideas, expressive and technical security, offering 10 Heavy Prog songs with references to the masters of the past but with well-defined personal characters. The keyboards are predominant, however leaving expressive space to all the instruments thus giving life to a complete and impactful album. A recommended listening to all lovers of the Prog with the toughest and slightly dark veins, as far as heard here you will still hear positive talk about this band, mature sound and well-developed themes are one of the positive aspects of this album.


1. Where It All Began (02:39)
2. Mother’s Womb (06:15)
3. A Narrow Passage (04:18)
4. A Seven Days Long Wait (05:46)
5. The Herald’s Choice (01:27)
6. Tears (07:42)
7. Porcelain Cup (06:31)
8. White Noise (05:37)
9. The Undertow (07:19)
10. The End Of The Beginning (01:20)


Alex De Angelis / Vocals, Guitars
Emanuele Marchione / Guitars, Bass
Dario Palazzolo / Bass, Keyboards
Andrea Vagenius / Drums

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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