[Review] Giant The Vine – A Chair At The Backdoor

Giant The Vine are a band from Liguria in Italy, formed in 2014 whose name derives from the union of Gentle Giant and Genesis‘ ‘One For The Vine.’ The band’s style is a blend of Progressive Rock Instrumental and Post-Rock with a distinctly personal imprint. The second album “A Chair At The Backdoor” was released on May 19, 2023 via Luminol Records and contains 7 long tracks including a final epic of over 12 minutes. The album opens with the interweaving aropeggi of “Protect Us from the Truth” uyna long track that slowly immerses us in the band’s musical atmosphere. A pompous Mellotron background and acoustic guitar over a soft and elaborate rhythm section create a dreamy atmosphere in the introductory part of the track. In a musical crescendo the track develops incorporating elements of classic Progressive Rock and Post-Rock, with technical and refined textures and passages. An alternation of Symphonic openings and more aggressive passages, always remaining in a Rock context, between Prog’s past and present, using their markedly personal style as a point of union. The journey continues with “Glass,” which shows the softer side of the band’s sound, developing the track in the first part with keyboards and chiatarra in a very delicate dreamy atmosphere. In the second part the band takes us towards the finale in a musical crescendo in which it offers us a very refined interweaving of guitar and keyboards. “The Potter’s Field” features deep sounds and a darker touch. A deep, load-bearing bass line gives body to the song and along with a solid, elaborate drummig develops an elaborate rhythm section. The keyboards, Mellotron above all, creating an orchestral background on which the guitar fits in with arpeggios and excellent phrasing. The theme is developed through 5 minutes where Symphonic Prog and Post-Rock with modern and personal traits intertwine, enhancing the compositional and performing technique of the Ligurian band. In the second part the intensity increases as the munutes pass, incorporating more Heavy sounds, ending the song in a steady musical crescendo. Dilated keyboard sounds and guitar arpeggios open “Jellyfish Bowl,” in a long introductory section that exceeds 2 minutes. With a change, the rhythm section enters, featuring solid drumming and load-bearing bass lines. A hypnotic piano melody characterizes the melodies and tempo changes of the song, which in the second half explores the more Experimental side of the band’s sound. A long instrumental section where keyboards and intricate, percussive drumming give way to a finale with the guitar leading an intense solo. Energetic eed aggressive in its choice of sounds “The Heresiarch” features a frenetic rhythm section and constant tempo changes. The intricate textures that characterize the central theme of the song are developed by enhancing the band’s technique, both in the highly sought-after melodies and in the technical passages that distinguish this track. The album’s shortest track “The Inner Circle” is a passage with moreAmbient and Experimental traits. Developed entirely on keyboard sounds, with a Mellotron background and extensive use of layering and effects. “A Chair at the Backdoor” concludes this enjoyable listen, a 12-plus minute epic that opens with guitar arpeggios synthesizing to keyboards. A concentrate of Prog and Post-Rock, showing how the band is bile at blending the two genres and developing the instrumental textures that characterize the sound. All the band’s distinctive traits are enhanced by a pompous, symphonic, elaborate and refined passages that guide us to the end of the tarck and album. A band that unites Prog and Post-Rock sounds through long instrumental tracks full of cues and refined, high-level passages. The individual technique of the artists is brought to bear on the band, creating an excellent ensemble sound that enhances all the elements of the line-up. A very intense listen throughout the tracklist, incorporating genres and styles and exploring all facets of prog and Post-Rock. A recommended listen for all lovers of these sounds, characterised by long and elaborate instrumental textures, offering a fresh and modern album with a distinctly personal style.


01. Protect Us from the Truth (08:21)
02. Glass (05:34)
03. The Potter’s Field (05:33)
04. Jellyfish Bowl (08:16)
05. The Heresiarch (03:31)
06. The Inner Circle (03:16)
07. A Chair at the Backdoor (12:24)


Antonio Lo Piparo / Bass
Daniele Riotti / Drums
Fulvio Solari / Electric and Acoustic Guitars, Lap Steel
Fabio Vrenna / Keyboards, Mellotron, Electric and Acoustic Guitars
Ilaria Vrenna
 / Piano

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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