[Review] Hats Off Gentlemen It’s Adequate – Nostalgia for Infinity

Hats Off Gentlemen It’s Adequate is a project by the English duo formed by Malcom Galloway and Mark Gatland founded in 2009. 5 albums released, the latest of which “Nostalgia for infinity” via Glass Castle Recordings, released digitally in February 2020, while the release is scheduled on CD for May 6, 2020. Composed of 12 medium-long duration songs, where the band confirms its eclectic style and different influences through various genres, from Prog to Electronics, passing through Funk and Metal. The album opens with “Century rain,” a long song that begins with atmospheric keyboards and a gloomy atmosphere. A warm and expressive vocal enters, on layers of keyboards and a slow rhythmic session, with the passage of the track the intensity increases. In the central part, an excellent change brings us to an instrumental section where synth and flute duet on a more energetic rhythm. The song is constantly changing and immediately plunges us into the atmospheres of the many facets that their sound offers. “Twin earth” begins with a deep and hypnotic bass and flute inserts, the vocal is full of pathos. Accelerated rapids alternate with calmer moments, in pure Prog style, with flute and synth master of the melodies. The bass lines and the drum are well elaborated, intricate attract and offer a solid and load-bearing rhythmic session. In the second part, a dreamy piano takes the stage, embellishing the sound with excellent arpeggios that intertwine with a flute solo in the finale. The longest track on the album “Ark” begins with arpeggios made on keyboards and after this intro a sweet theme develops with a deep bass and melancholic melodies. A sudden change creates a dark atmosphere with the synth before returning the instruments with a drum in the distance and a guitar solo. After this atmospheric instrumental section the piece takes energy with a very elaborate section, to close with a sweet positive piano melody. An excellent song that denotes the quality both in the construction and execution phase by the band. “Nonobotoma” has distorted guitar riffs and a more accelerated rhythm on which a more melodic vocal is inserted in the form of a “song.” A more direct and flowing song, which is not lacking in technique and processing with layers of synths and a rhythmic session which in the second part become more complex with an excellent guitar solo. “Chasing neon” shows the most electronic part of their sound, with a song that makes you want to go wild dancing. A hypnotic synth and atmospheric layers in the background, with a scornful sound power, even making danceable songs is an art, and they have something to sell. The subsequent “Glitterband” also has more electronic characters with the vocal halfway between singing and speaking. The combination of acoustic and electronic instruments is very well executed and amalgamated, the rhythm of synthetic drum is more straight and powerful, true protagonist here the piano with its excellent inserts. “Conjoiners” is an atmospheric passage made of synth and a drum in the distance, only in the end the rhythmic session is elaborated with a deep and penetrating bass. “Scorpio” is the shortest song, 1:20 minutes of pure power, with aggressive and sharp guitar riffs and a rhythm close to Metal. Keyboard melodies see the piano as protagonist. “Inhibitors” begins with atmospheric noises that develop and elaborate for the duration of the track, which approaches experimentation. “Nostalgia for infinity” is the title track and begins with sweet arpeggios and layers of voice, then gives life to an intricate structure with deep bass lines. The flute that embellishes the sound, mainly instrumental, is back with a short vocal properly Prog in the second part. A very pleasant track and one of the best moments of a very good album. “Voyager” as the title says resembles a journey, it would seem cosmic, giving the instruments the feeling of being in the middle of the universe. Note a good synth solo in the end and the intricate structure of the drum. The “Sixth extinction” album closes with an energetic song halfway between Prog and Metal, with powerful guitar riffs and an explosive charge. The vocal has modern characters, halfway between sung and spoken interpreted, and is perfect for the song. Keyboards are reminiscent of the 70s Prog in both sounds and melodies, a track that closes this excellent work with power. A confirmation for the English band that shows once more technique and good ideas with a sliding album and many facets. The stylistic influences of the band come together in an original sound combination full of ideas and quality ideas. Another nice chapter in their discography.


01. Century Rain (9:17)
02. Twin Earth (5:59)
03. Ark (11:47)
04. Nanobotoma (5:26)
05. Chasing Neon (5:34)
06. Glitterband (5:32)
07. Conjoiners (4:31)
08. Scorpio (1:19)
09. Inhibitors (3:25)
10. Nostalgia for Infinity (6:59)
11. Voyager (5:50)
12. Sixth Extinction (4:06)


Malcolm Galloway / Vocals, Guitar, Keyboards, Synths, Programming
Mark Gatland / Bass, Additional Guitars, Keyboards, Synths, Chapman Stick
Kathryn Thomas / Flute (1,2,9-11) Vocals (10)

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