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Hawklords needs no introduction, being one of the leading projects in the Psychedelic/Space Rock field. The new album “Space” was released on September 29, 2023 via Shellshock Distribution Ltd. and contains 9 tracks. This new journey begins with “Gravity Well,” an energetic track that immediately catapults us into the band’s sound. A solid, elaborate rhythm section, with a deep, driving bass line. Good guitar work and dynamic, expressive vocals create a fresh, modern sound that marks a new step in the genre and propels it into the future. Keeping the intensity very high, the journey continues with “Astral.” Heavier guitar riffs and the usual energetic and engaging rhythm section with a deep, hypnotic bass line. The vocals lead us on this Space Trip, alternating between verses and engaging melodic refrains. The tempo changes are an added bonus, as is the skilful use of modulations and effects. The instrumental part with a guitar solo is valuable, then returns to the opening theme and closes. “Super Star Drive” has a more Rock-oriented structure, while retaining the Space veins characteristic of the band and the record. The band takes us on an immersive, rhythmic journey through space and time that envelops the listener from start to finish. The album’s longest track “Lost in Space” continues in the musical discourse of the previous one, combining Classic Rock and Space traits. It is a pleasure to get lost in space with the band, between good guitar work, deep bass lines and solid drumming. The vocals guide us through the lyrics in this other pleasant journey to the edge of the universe. Effects characterise “The Silence of Space,” an Experimental passage in which the band works skilfully with sound modulations. Returning to the band’s more energetic and addictive sounds, “Darkspace” is a rhythmically driven track. The vocals are dynamic and the classic Space Rock traits are offered with a fresh and modern twist, thanks to the band’s personal style. The scratchy, distorted electric guitar inserts are interesting, as are the tempo changes and meticulous use of effects. “Gravity Zero” continues on the band’s most engaging and energetic sounds. The vocals are punchy, as are the guitar riffs and the rhythm section with granitic drumming and a killer bassline. The band inserts spatial backgrounds given by the modulations of the effects, giving the feeling of travelling through the cosmos. The guitar solo inserts are interesting, giving a more rock feel to the track. The band’s heavier side is expressed in “You Will Be The Sun,” with the guitar taking the lead in both melodies and solo bugs. The bass offers another killer bassline, deep and giving body to the sound. The drumming is pulled and enriched with accelerations, which allow the central theme of the song to evolve. The vocals interpret the lyrics dynamically, alternating with the instrumental sections with precision. The album ends with the shortest track in duration “Starlight.” The softest track with an acoustic imprint, mixing the intensity of a ballad with the band’s space sound. It is a journey that ends pleasantly, bringing us gently back to planet earth with the desire to start travelling again with the band. Another excellent chapter in the discography of the band, skilled in creating a distinctly personal sound that is always fresh and modern. The lineup is very intense from start to finish, with beautifully crafted tracks that guide us on this journey into deepest space. A recommended listen for lovers of space rock sounds, keeping the classic characters and bringing them into a modern context.


01. Gravity Well (4:12)
02. Astral (3:28)
03. Super Star Drive (4:33)
04. Lost in Space (7:10)
05. The Silence of Space (4:32)
06. Darkspace (5:39)
07. Gravity Zero (4:10)
08. You Will Be The Sun (4:46)
09. Starlight (3:17)


Mr Dibs / Bass, Vocals, Audio Generators
Dave Pearce / Drums
Jerry Richards / Guitars, Bass, Vocals, SFX and Foley

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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