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Holy Witch is a Psychedelic Rock/Stoner band from Louisiana, USA with an album titled “Levitating” released on February 9, 2022. Contains 8 medium length tracks, with marked 70’s influences and a solid and full of energy. The album opens with “Valley of the Vapors” featuring scratchy guitar riffs and a solid rhythm session, a track that alternates acceleration with slower parts. The guitar is the protagonist of the sound and the 70s-style choral vocal is one of those that remain etched in the mind. “Ripper” is more pulled with an engaging atmosphere and a granite sound embellished by the vocal and driving bass lines. The riffs are massive and in the second part the guitar offers a very pleasant and enveloping solo. With a slow rhythm and an atmosphere that surrounds us “Levitating” presents more modern sounds and closer to the Stoner. The bass lines are mesmerizing, as are the melodies of the track led by the guitar and with the organ in the background. “Nightcrawler” returns to the more energetic sounds of the first songs, the engaging vocal also returns and takes us back to the golden years of the genre. The rhythm session is solid and the bass load bearing, with the track flowing intensely, enriched by tempo changes and catchy guitar riffs. With heavier riffs “Evil Woman” begins a track with more acidic sounds and a slower rhythm that accelerates in the final. The organ in the background adds a dark touch to the piece, which closes with a crescendo that increases the intensity. The longest track of the album “Death Machines” has darker sounds with a pachydermic rhythm and a vocal as always very intense. The guitar with its effects loaded sounds leads us to explore the more Psychedelic and lysergic sounds of the band, offering a quality proof. “Widow” is instead the shortest track, characterized by an organ background, the rhythmic session with its tempo changes is an added value. The vocal alternates well with the instrumental parts with the guitar as protagonist both in the riffs and in the solos. Closes the album “Mystic Shjip” which offers a modern sound with references to the past, where the vocal brings us back to the Free Festivals of the late 60s. The sound is hypnotic and the guitar offers good inserts in the final, where it ends with a prolonged solo on a deep and load-bearing bass line. A band that manages to bring the atmosphere of the late 60s into a modern context with a personal touch, proposing an album halfway between Psychedelia and Stoner. Successful riffs and a solid rtmica session on which a vocal is inserted which is an added value for the sound of the band. A listening recommended for lovers of Psychedelic sounds of the past, but projected into the future of the genre thanks to their personal touch.


01. Valley of the Vapors (04:34)
02. Ripper (04:11)
03. Levitating (04:18)
04. Nightcrawler (03:45)
05. Evil Woman (04:28)
06. Death Machines (05:28)
07. Widow (03:27)
08. Mystic Shjip (04:48)

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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