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Hyde XXI is a Spanish band originally from Mallorca that offers a mix of Symphonic Prog Rock and Progressive Metal born in 2009. The band over the years has perfected their sound and modified the lineup, with experienced artists of the Spanish Rock scene. On November 19, 2021 “Inmorthia” was released via Rocket Music, containing 7 medium-long duration tracks with refined sounds and mature ideas. The album opens with “Manifiesto” an introductory track of almost 2 minutes with a dreamy piano and a vocal narrated in Castilian. The piano melody opens the following track “Control” characterized by a solid rhythmic session, massive guitar riffs and keyboards protagonists of the melodies. The vocal is warm and expressive, interpreting the various phases of the piece with intensity, with a dynamic and convincing proof. Tempo changes are an added value with forays into melodic metal and prog with elaborate keyboard passages. A soft intertwining between guitar and keyboard opens “Inmortal” which increases in intensity with a tempo change that takes us into the Prog Metal territory. The drum is powerful with granite guitar riffs and fine keyboard inserts and a dynamic vocal that offers a choral chorus that stays in the mind for a long time. The tempo changes are an added value of this piece, allowing you to pass from tight sections to very well structured and performed symphonic openings. In the instrumental section the guitar offers a virtuoso solo and with the return of the singing the track closes with a pompous ending with orchestrations in the background. “Cadenas” opens with a very rhythmic and powerful drumming, heavy riffs and keyboards that are inserted creating a dark atmosphere on which a singing full of effects enters. With a constantly changing structure the track evolves with technical passages and symphonic openings and choral parts that bring us back to the Metal of bands like Dream Theater. The ideas developed here are of a high standard and the track impressed me positively, mixing more styles with that sound matrix typical of Spanish Metal bands and with their personal touch. The instrumental sections offer excellent technical and tight solos, a very high moment of Prog music. Heavy guitar riffs and a powerful drum on which the keyboards are inserted with elaborate cues open “Etnias II” which develops with an energetic and dynamic vocal. The sound here is quality prog Metal, managing with a valuable passage to offer a section with the piano as protagonist. The riffs and passages contained in this track are of a high standard, with complex instrumental parts that enhance the individual technique of the musicians involved. The ability to pass from intricate moments to choral parts that are easier to listen to is a virtue of this band that manages to make even the most elaborate passages accessible. A sweet piano arpeggio and the sound of the heartbeat closes. A softer track could not be missing and here is “Réplica” soft and melodic, full of pathos and with a pleasant lead guitar insert. The singing is more delicate and the piece is more in the form of a ‘song’ even if the passages are intense and never banal. The album ends with “Silvan” a track that starts off strong with powerful guitar riffs, elaborate textures and a solid rtimcia session. The keyboards are the added value in melodies with solo inserts and intertwining well with the guitar, the vocal evolves together with the song between intense solo passages and choral refrains. In the instrumental section the guitar offers a tight and virtuous solo, then accelerates in the final part and concludes with a choral section full of energy. An album that contains all the ingredients that a Metal and Prog listener expects to hear, managing to mix power and symphonic features with a solid and mature sound. The ability to blend the most classic sounds of Metal with its engaging choral parts and the most elaborate and virtuous plots of Prog is one of the added values of the album. Tempo changes, accelerated and symphonic openings, a dynamic and expressive vocal and well composed and performed instrumental sections complete the sound of this excellent record. A listening recommended for lovers of the harder sounds of Prog, which thanks to its many facets will be able to capture both fans of Metal and Prog.


1. Manifiesto (01:42)
2. Control (04:50)
3. Inmortal (06:15)
4. Cadenas (06:55)
5. Etnias II (06:22)
6. Réplica (03:10)
7. Silvan (04:59)


David Arbona / Guitar and Vocals
Tomeu Crespí / Drums
Sebastián Pujol / Keyboards
Guillem Morey «Will» / Bass

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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