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Invertigo is a German Neo Prog band born in 2006 in Golsenkirchen. In 2010 the debut album of the second in 2012, and immediately holding the favors of critics and public. After 7 years, on November 2, 2019 they published “InMotion” for Progressive Promotion Records. Available in CD and digital, l album consists of 6 tracks, with mixing and mastering by Michael Schnella. The album opens with “Interruptu”, after a brief intro with creakings enter the instruments, with layers of load-bearing keyboards. The first instrumental part highlights keyboards and guitar with a good solo, on a solid rhythmic base and a penetrating bass line. Insert a soft vocal in classic Neo Prog style, the piece is direct and smooth. In the instrumental part an excellent alternation of organ and guitar with the return of the vocal the piece closes. “Listen to the smell of the pretty picture” starts with a nice flute on the synth, with the input of the instruments the guitar drives the sound well-supported by the keyboards. The vocal of sounds is soft, with some heavier sections and a good solo that characterizes the central part. In the end the voices of the two guests Julia Gorzelanczyck and Ina Merz are inserted. In “Severn speaking” the piece develops around Severn Suzuki’s historic 1992 speech, given to the United Nations about the devastating impact of man on the planet. The song is more drawn from the previous ones with a powerful drums and synths and guitar make the rest point alternating moments sung to others with the touching speech of Severn. In addition to the excellent song performed by the band, the combination with the speech makes this song unique. Protect your world, fundamental words, a warning for all the girl’s advice should be followed by everyone. “Wasting Time” always maintains the Neo Prog features, but assumes darker traits. Increases the intensity with the flow of the track and also the vocal gets more and more intense. At times, it opens with softer and choral moments, guitar and organ take the stage. The track slows down and becomes darker, with the return of the vocals it turns into a sentimental tone with a guitar solo in the final, and then closes. “Life Part I” is the first part of the suite that begins with the main theme borrowed from “Piano Concerto in A minor, op. 16” by Edvard Grieg, on which all the instruments are improvised. After this pleasant intro the song develops with a vocal that deals with the theme of the unpredictable future, despite the positive melody. The themes of the concert are inserted again, with synths and guitars alternating in solos, in an improvised interlude. The piece ends with a vocal and piano section. Final track “Life part II” is the continuum of the previous one, characterized by synth and guitar and a good vocal melody. It is a softer song with a simple and direct plot, an acoustic ending ends track and album. A work that show the good qualities of the band, well composed and executed, with clear treaties Neo Prog. Direct and incisive, without too complex plots, alternating excellent vocal parts with pleasant instrumental parts. Recommended for lovers of modern Prog sound, with a style that mixes reminiscences of groups such as Marillion and Spock’s Beard over all, with a good personality and technique. In a 2019 full of good disco-graphic releases, this album carves out its space with merit.


1. Interrompu (7:04)
2. LSPP – Listen to the Smell of the Pretty Picture (10:28)
3. Severn Speaking (4:41)
4. Wasting Time (8:51)
5. Life (Part I) Random (7:40)
6. Life (Part II) Metaphors (4:21)

Sebastian Brennert / Vocals, Piano
Kolja Maletzki / Guitar
Michael Kuchenbecker / Keyboards
Matthias Hommel / Bass, Bass Pedals
Carsten Dannert / Drums, Percussion

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Progressive Promotions Records |Official Website|Bandcamp|Facebook Page|

Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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