[Review] It Will Last – Nightmares in Daylight

It Will Last is a project born in 2018 from an idea of the multi-instrumentalist Simone Carnaghi whose name is inspired by a track of the band. “Nightmares in Daylight” the band’s debut album is a 12-track concept that narrates aspects that they are slowly “consuming” the world we live in. The album was entirely composed of both lyrics and music by the artist who also played all the instruments, designing the songs in such a way as to be able to offer them live without the need for backing-tracks. This concept opens with “Prelude of Sins” a short introductory piece with pleasant guitar arpeggios, and then darkens in the finale. “Nightmares in Daylight” begins with massive guitar riffs and a tight rhythm, proposing a Metal full of tempo changes, enriched by a warm and expressive vocal. A good track that highlights the artist’s skill in all the instruments and also in the singing, the final instrumental section is interesting. “Bound” has a more intricate structure, with continuous tempo changes in the rhythmic session and with the powerful leading voice. Some parts are more pulled, and the artist is skilled in mixing multiple styles, bringing to mind the rides of classic Metal to the drum. In “Global Warning” the atmospheres are darker and the riffs are massive, with the vocal increasing the gloom of the track. The tempo changes as up to now are an added value, as is the always solid and load-bearing rhythm session. The instrumental part is of a high standard with multiple instruments interacting and the guitar offering good lead parts. Here we are at the track that gave its name to the project “It Will Last” which starts with a nice duet between drum and bass, and then inserts sharp guitar riffs. Still remaining in the Metal scene, this track is less tight than the previous ones and shows another facet of the artist’s sound. The intensity increases with the passage of the piece, also increasing in speed in certain passages, an excellent well structured and elaborate piece. “Deadly Poison” starts off strong with sharp guitar riffs and a solid rhythmic session, enriched by constant tempo changes and solid bass lines. The vocal adapts well to the situations of the song, with a strong appeal of the Metal of the past, with a futuristic and personal vision. Very good instrumental parts that alternate perfectly with those sung, a well constructed and executed piece, good. A tolling of bells introduces us to “Time Is Life” a track with many faces, which blends various styles and shows once again the good singing of the artist. Always full of tempo changes, we pass from Maiden moments to other more Power Metal ones, with pr3egle workmanship riffs. Excluding the intro “The Winner” is the shortest track on the album, characterized by soft guitar arpeggios and an equally delicate vocal. A ballad that softens the tones between the Metal outbursts of the other songs, a good piece. “Selfish Pride” begins with the guitar, the great protagonist with good level weaves and then starts a Metal trophy that reminds us of the golden times. The powerful and decisive vocal fits rpecisop on the music and the constantly changing track or frre always new ideas at each passage. With an original start and elaborate rhythms begins “Money and Power,” a classic example of how to make quality Metal with references to the past. The artist manages to insert his personal characters into traditional Metal with a wealth of detail, always managing to offer tracks of a good level, like this one. “On the Road to Redemption” has a Medieval Metal vibe, showing another facet of the artist’s sound. The times of ladies and knights seem to be here, truly a well thought out and executed track, with sophisticated guitar inserts. Concludes the album “Flying to the Rainbow” with a great slap bass in the opening and rhythms closer to modern Prog Metal. In constant change, the song soon returns to the artist’s style, closer to Power Metal, this song is a concentrate of power and quality. An album that will surely give a lot of satisfaction to Metal fans, mixing various styles, but starting in my opinion from Power Metal. One of the characteristics of the disc is that the artist has dealt with both the composition and the execution with all the instruments and the singing, all performed at a high level. A listening recommended to all lovers of Metal sounds where the guitar is a great protagonist and the artist ranges between the past and the present of the genre, good album and congratulations to the artist for the technique expressed here.


  1. Prelude of Sins 01:22
  2. Nightmares in Daylight 05:30
  3. Bound 04:13
  4. Global Warning 04:44
  5. It Will Last 05:24
  6. Deadly Poison 05:15
  7. Time Is Life 06:14
  8. The Winner 03:50
  9. Selfish Pride 06:08
  10. Money and Power 04:24
  11. On the Road to Redemption 04:38
  12. Flying to the Rainbow 05:10


Simone Carnaghi / All Instruments, Composition, Lyrics

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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