[Review] Kant Freud Kafka – Historias Del Acantilado

Kant Freud Kafka is a band from Barcelona, Spain that offers Symphonic-style Progressive Rock with long songs and sophisticated themes. On November 19, 2021 they independently released their third album “Historia Del Acantilado,” containing 5 tracks between 4 and 15 minutes in length. With numerous guest artists and numerous instruments present this concept was composed during the confinement of Covid-19. Their music is the daughter of the pandemic and of the concern for our destiny as common as species. The album opens with “Voz De Metal” which after an intro with the tolling of bells develops right from the start with intricate plots and orchestral sounds that intertwine. The strings are at the center of the melodies, which alternate dreamy strokes with darker passages with a deep and very expressive vocal. The second part of the song adds the rhythmic session and the intensity increases with a more Rock instrumental section with valuable keyboard inserts and distorted guitar in pure Prog style. A track that closes in crescendo with male and female vocal intertwining and a good mix between guitar and keyboard with good tempo changes. The following “Carta de Gaia” begins with a female voice and atmospheric sounds and then in the first part of the piece develops an instrumental section with acoustic guitar in evidence. The dreamy atmospheres permeate the piece that develops with delicate vocal layers that gently rock us together with the Symphonic melodies. In the second part with a change the track is transformed by inserting a more Rock sound and increasing the intensity with pleasant instrumental passages of violin and keyboards. In the end, a good prolonged guitar solo leads us to the end where the atmospheres become softer and the track closes. “Conspiranoia” is the shortest of the album and opens with a piano arpeggio to add and stratify the keyboards, percussion and orchestrations. Halfway between the Symphonico and the Space Rock is a passage with refined and intricate sounds. Deep bass and hypnotic keyboards open “My baby just scares for me” with background orchestrations creating a crescendo as the minutes go by. With melancholic atmospheres in the middle the rhythmic session enters and at the end the keyboards offer pleasant solo cues, and then close the piece with the orchestrations and the piano in calando. The disc chidue with “El acantilado” the longest track, with a duration of 15 minutes. In the first part of almost 4 minutes the keyboards and strings intertwine creating a dark and solemn atmosphere with stratified melodies. With a change the track comes to life with a solid rhythmic session enriched by tempo changes, proposing a Prog where the keyboards are at the center of the sound and intertwine with guitar solo inserts. A long track that contains all the nuances of the band’s sound, passing from more orchestral passages to Prog Folk, pssando for the Symphonic, pleasantly developing the theme of the song. The singing is a short-lived intertwining of male and female voices, the track concludes with a long instrumental section with strings, keyboards and winds that create intricate passages on the verge of experimentation. A particular album, where the band mixes different shades passing from orchestral and symphonic sections to other more Prog with keyboards and guitar in evidence. In other passages they lead to the RIO and to experimentation, mainly instrumental and with parts sung in smaller quantities, but which interpret the various parts well. The length of the tracks and the elaborate passages need some listening to be able to grasp all the pleasant sound nuances of the band. A listening recommended for lovers of Symphonic sounds that mix with Space and RIO traits, difficult to catalog and with long and very elaborate tracks.


1. Voz de metal (10:18)
2. Carta de Gaia (13:05)
3. Conspiranoia (04:44)
4. My baby just scares for me (08:41)
5. El acantilado (15:00)


Javi Herrera / All music & Arrangements, Drums, Vocals, Percussion, VST Instruments, Lyrics
Alia Herrera / Vocals, Lyrics
Dani Fernandez / Bass

Cecilia Burguera / Violin
Mónica Cruzata / Viola
Pol Farell / Cello
Joan Flores / Piano
Miquel González / Keyboards
Joan Grados “Nitus” / Electric Guitars
Laia Pujol / Clarinet, Bass Clarinet
Guillem Vilar / Oboe, Cor Anglais
Pep Espasa / Flute, Tenor Sax
Dick Them / Fretless Bass
Rafael Pacha / Acoustic & 12 Strings Guitars
Yago Pajarón / Jazz Guitar
Carmina Heredero and Andrea Herrera / Love & Support

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